The Back-to-Business Toolkit

Help for small businesses to navigate coronavirus

It’s never been harder to run a small business. COVID-19 has restricted customers, created new regulations, and changed how businesses operate. This toolkit provides real-time data and expert guides to help you plan, adapt, and get back to business.

By the numbers

Understand the state of business in the U.S., so you can plan to operate your own.

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Foot traffic
Foot traffic in the U.S. last week was 73% of what it was before coronavirus
Businesses open
The number of small businesses open in the U.S. last week was down 4% from the prior week
Total hours worked
The number of hours worked at small businesses in the U.S. last week was down 5% from the prior week
Hours worked per business
For small businesses in the U.S. that are operating, average hours worked per business last week was 97% of what it was before coronavirus

View the trends for your city or state

Guides and resources

A collection of short and sweet guides to get you back to business

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Impact By City (MSA)

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Affected by coronavirus? We’ve got real-time data and resources in our back-to-business toolkit.