Employee Happiness & Perks

Great businesses are built by great teams.

Attract and retain top employees with perks and tools to make them happy and successful.

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Create transparency and trust with your team.

Your team gets our free mobile app. You get fewer questions.

  • They always have access to their up-to-date schedule, hours worked, and earnings.
  • Employees get helpful reminders for upcoming shifts.
  • They can track and manage their time-off requests and availability.
  • Your team can communicate with each other and coordinate shift trades and covers.
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Perks for your people.

Think you can’t offer employee benefits as a small business? Think again.

  • Homebase gives your team early access to their wages so they can handle emergency expenses.
  • You’re not on the hook for any of the wages we advance. It’s free for you and doesn’t impact payroll.
  • Your team can cash out before payday to avoid overdraft fees and payday loans—all without interest charges, credit checks, or late fees.
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homebase cash out pay advances

It's all about the team.

As a small business I want to leverage tools that will help me with systems AND make things easier for my team. Our Fuzzy Goat team is the most important part of our success; using Homebase even allowed me to be able to add Paid Time Off to their benefits - this is a huge win for our small shop.

Cadence Kidwell

Owner & Lady Boss at Fuzzy Goat, Thomasville, GA

Recognize your team for their contributions.

  • Your team can give each other shout outs for a job well done.
  • Homebase automatically tracks performance metrics like on-time arrivals, so you can recognize your best team members.
  • Employee birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones are all stored in your team roster.
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Keep track of how your team is feeling.

We know you want to create a great place to work. Now you can measure it.

  • Collect feedback from employees at the end of every shift.
  • Get automated reports on employee sentiment and understand trends over time.
  • Stay connected with your whole team with our built-in messenger—even when you aren’t there in person.
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Homebase employee feedback tracking

2,000,000+ workers conquer their workdays 
with Homebase.

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