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Five Tips to Reduce Employee Turnover and Absenteeism in Your Franchise Business

Margins in franchise businesses are tight, and on-boarding new employees can get expensive. Homebase CEO John Waldmann shares tips for keeping your employees happy, which will save you time and money.

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Employee Retention: Four Ways to Keep Your Best Team Members

Turnover among hourly workers is high. On average, every hourly job turns once a year – and then some. Keeping your top performing employees can save you time and money. Homebase CEO John Waldmann shares his top strategies to improve employee retention:

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Homebase Named One of the Best Time and Attendance Systems of 2017

Business News Daily included Homebase in their roundup of the leading time and attendance systems for local businesses.

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14 Entrepreneurs Share Their Favorite Apps

"As an owner, it’s nice to be able to check on my restaurant even when I am not there. Through the Homebase mobile app, I get up-to-the-minute updates, seeing who has clocked in, and ensuring that all my shifts are covered."

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Winning the fight to make work better

An Interview with our CEO, John Waldmann, on the ways technology can make life easier for hourly employees.

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Upserve Launches Restaurant Tech Marketplace with Homebase

John Waldmann, Homebase CEO: “This partnership helps us offer optimized schedules and real-time labor cost management to Upserve customers like the 60,000 businesses we already serve. With better team management tools like those we provide, restaurateurs get back control of their time and are able to do more of what got them into business in the first place - delivering great food and service to their customers.”

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