For retail businesses

All-in-One team management.

Homebase helps you optimize your schedule, get control over labor costs, and know how your business is running.

We support many types of retail businesses including

Arts and crafts stores
Cannabis shops
Clothing and accessories
Convenience stores
Electronics stores
Flower shops
Gift shops
Hardware stores
Home goods
Jewelry stores
Pawn shops
Pet stores
Shoe stores
Sporting goods

Build your perfect schedule.

Homebase can help you create an optimized team schedule so you don’t have to spend hours manually scheduling.

  • Find your optimal level of staff needed throughout the day and week with labor cost reports and sales forecasts.
  • Use templates or auto-scheduling to simplify and steamline your scheduling.
  • Track availability and time off to avoid scheduling conflicts.
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Simplify payroll and get control of labor costs.

The easy-to-use Homebase time clocks automatically track employee hours and help control labor costs.

  • Put a digital time clock on your tablet or POS device at the store. 
  • Automatically calculate hours, breaks, and overtime into timesheets to streamline payroll.
  • Manage labor leakage by preventing early clock ins and using auto clock outs.
  • Get alerts when employees approach overtime.
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"I'm always looking for ways to reward my team and find new benefits and Homebase made that really easy."

Cadence Kidwell

Owner, Fuzzy Goat Yarn Shop

Not in person? Not a problem.

Know when your store has opened, closed, and everything in between. 

  • Get alerted if employees are late for shifts.
  • Send messages to individuals, groups, or your entire team about inventory updates, quick requests, and more.
  • Add notes to shifts with specific instructions on opening, closing, or managing the store.
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han 💛
Also they have the most amazing customer service every time you call, there the one company I actually enjoy needing to call them.
I have been in the industry for 25 years and this has what you need and more. For a small business it’s really all you need!
Claire C.
I love the ease of communication Homebase allows with employees.
Farmstrong (Mara)
We've just set up #JoinHomebase & it is some serious, free #kickassSoftware.

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