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Running a small business has never been harder. Homebase helps with free tools to track time and manage your team.

Picture of teams using the Homebase free employee scheduling and time tracking app
Picture of teams using the Homebase free employee scheduling and time tracking app

The support you need.

Save time and get your team in sync for free.

Scheduling &
Time Tracking

Build schedules in minutes and instantly share them with your team. Turn nearly any device into a time clock to make payroll prep a breeze.

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managing shifts

Hiring &

Post jobs, manage applicants, and build a great team all in one place. Then ditch the paperwork and onboard new hires online.

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Get your team aligned with our built-in messenger, real-time alerts, and helpful reminders. Easily share information and track performance.

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team communication

Help to navigate coronavirus

We’re supporting businesses like you with new tools and resources

Homebase can help you adapt to delivery, take out, and new ways of working with flexible tools and team communication.

Remote & field teams

Keep your team safe and stay compliant with COVID-19 regulations. Screen for symptoms at clock-in and get real-time alerts.

Health & safety screening

We’ve compiled real-time trends and resources for small businesses to help you understand what’s happening your city and state and get help to rebuild.

Back-to-Business Toolkit
Work from anywhere

Through the Homebase mobile app, I get up-to-the-minute updates, seeing who has clocked in, and ensuring that all my shifts are covered.

Marko Sotto Owner at Barzotto
Improve communication

Our employees often use Homebase to communicate with each other and with us, and they can get reminders of upcoming shifts. Best employee communication tool ever!

Theresa Fouquette Owner at Bliss Small Batch Creamery
Save time

We needed a system that integrates with a lot of other software and Homebase does it all. We used to have to input everything manually but now it’s all automatic and we can spend our time on more important items.

Andy Sommer Owner at Forth + Nomad
Get rid of the paperwork

Before Homebase, we were printing out time sheets and manually calculating the hours. To keep up with the times, we have switched to Homebase, and it has made our lives so much more efficient!

Ashley Ortiz Owner at Antique Taco

We ♥ teams.

Homebase is more than just software.

We’re a team of real people that have worked at businesses like yours and been on teams like yours. That’s why we’re here to help and are available to talk—on phone, chat, or email. And why we have HR experts on call. So you don’t have to go it alone.

Get more done.

Everything you need to manage your team.

Forecast labor, build smarter schedules, avoid overtime, and always know who is clocking in.

Ditch the paperwork. Onboard, manage performance, set up policies to work for you.

On computers, smartphones, tablets, and POS, Homebase works everywhere you do.

Sync with top payroll and POS providers, to track hours, wages, and sales together.

Manage breaks, overtime, and more. Get expert help with your toughest HR questions.

See how it works

It’s the better way to manage your team. And did we mention it’s free?

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Homebase makes work easier for 100,000+ small (but mighty) businesses with everything they need to manage an hourly team. Don’t call us HR or Human Capital Management. We’re tools built for the busiest businesses, so owners and employees can spend less time on paperwork and more time on what matters. 

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View our real-time coronavirus impact data and get resources with our COVID-19 back-to-business toolkit.