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Effortless Time Tracking For Your Business.

Homebase simplifies time tracking so you can focus on what matters: running your business.

Seamless time tracking across devices.

Homebase time clocks work where you and your team do, making it easy to track time for onsite or remote employees.

  • Put your time clock on Android tablets and smartphones, iPads and iPhones, computers, and POS devices.
  • Track hours, breaks, overtime, and paid time off.
  • Clock in and out using a personal PIN. 
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Automated timesheets lift the workload.

As your employees clock in and out, Homebase generates online timesheets to simplify paperwork. 

  • Totals are calculated automatically for hours worked, breaks, overtime, tips and multiple wage rates
  • Receive alerts to address any missed breaks or clock outs
  • Review and approve timesheets with ease before payday
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Time tracking with Homebase

Time tracking for small businesses doesn't get better (or more affordable) than this!

Kathleen Smith

Cofounder Smiling Tree Toys, Lamberton, MN

Payroll made simple with Homebase.

Simplify paying your hourly team with automated timesheets and integrated Homebase payroll.

  • Instantly convert your timesheets into hours and wages in payroll
  • Calculate wages and taxes and send accurate payments to employees, states, and the IRS
  • Automatically process tax filings and issue 1099s and W-2s through payroll integration

You can also easily export timesheets to another payroll provider.

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Manage labor costs efficiently.

See how your business is running and adapt as demand and budgets change.

  • Break down labor costs by hourly, departmental, role and other categories
  • Control unnecessary spend with features like preventing early clock-ins and auto clock-outs
  • Import sales data to analyze labor against revenue and set staff budget goals
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a time sheet and how does it work?

A timesheet is a document that tracks the hours worked by hourly employees. It serves as a record of clock-in and clock-out times which are then used to calculate total hours for payroll purposes.

For employees paid by the hour, timesheets allow managers to see when workers arrived and left, along with any breaks taken. The timesheet tallies all billable hours so that pay can be determined accordingly. This helps ensure staff are properly compensated for the time spent supporting the business.

Why should a business use a free time tracking sheet?

Managing time tracking for an entire team can become cumbersome without automation. Traditionally, companies have utilized manual timesheets – essentially spreadsheet templates – to log employee hours worked. However, these paper-based records require error-prone manual calculations.

Modern time tracking software like Homebase simplifies this process through automation. Employees can clock in and out through the Homebase app, eliminating paper timesheets. Managers gain visibility into schedules and labor costs in real-time through digital reports and analytics. By switching to automated time tracking, businesses can reduce payroll errors and focus their efforts on strategic priorities.

How accurate are free timekeeping applications?

The Homebase timesheet app simplifies payroll by automatically calculating hours for each employee’s schedule. By tracking all clock-ins and outs, the app calculates total time worked biweekly to ensure accurate wage compensation.

Homebase goes beyond basic time calculations to actively detect any errors for payroll. Managers can compare scheduled versus actual hours in each pay period to understand variances and optimize schedules. With streamlined payroll processing and proactive error checking, Homebase provides robust workforce analytics so you can pay your team correctly.

Forgot to submit your timesheet?

We make sure you never miss a submission by syncing your data to payroll with top providers.

Why would you use an employees hours tracker?

Your employees will love Homebase time tracking on our free plan because they’ll be able to exactly how many hours they worked — and their expected earnings — right from the free mobile app.

How do you find your timesheet?

The Fair Labor Standards Act requires that employers store their employee time cards for years, even if the employee is no longer working there. On the Homebase Essentials plan and above, employee time cards are stored securely in the cloud for four years, so you’ll be able to access employee time cards with edit history any time. Employees can also access their hours worked, fix any errors, and track their pay for free in the mobile app.

How else do you use automatic timesheets?

Using timesheet software for employee time tracking also unlocks a bevy of reporting options, like a report of who’s arrived on time for their shifts most frequently in a given pay period, or how labor costs stack up against sales. With timesheet software, time spent on time reporting is next to nothing.

If you have a business with multiple locations, tracking hours worked across the locations is critical. You need to make sure you or your project managers are calculating overtime pay correctly. With Homebase, you can see labor costs and projected overtime hours by location, department, or employee. This is especially useful if you have a supervisor working in multiple stores.

You’ll see all your small business employees’ total hours worked in one place. If you offer sick leave, or paid time off accrual, you can set up a PTO policy in Homebase too.

How can I track my time worked?

Start by subtracting the time you clocked out from the time you clocked in, as well as any breaks you took during the day. For example, if you clocked in at 8am and clocked out at 5pm, with a lunch break between 12pm and 1pm, you worked eight hours.

What is the best free time tracking software?

With thousands of five-star reviews, it’s safe to say our customers approve! Get started with a free trial today to see all the features available.

Why should a business use timesheets?

Time tracking for a team can be tricky without the right software. Most businesses use timesheets to track employee time. Timesheets are essentially spreadsheets, so it makes sense that many businesses use Excel timesheet templates. But with time tracking software like Homebase, you don’t need to worry about timesheets any more, or manually tracking hours worked.

How do you complete a timesheet?

Luckily our automated timesheet takes the guesswork and difficulty out of completing a timesheet. Homebase automatically keeps a running list of missed shifts, missed clock-outs and missed breaks with our free scheduling software and helps you stay compliant without having to do any extra work. You can prepare your timesheet without a calculator and save hours every payroll period.

How does timesheet software affect productivity?

Most businesses spend about four hours a week on payroll, though it can be much more with larger teams. With Homebase time tracking and timesheets, you and your managers can cut the amount of time you spend on payroll by 75% — so you’ll save about three hours per week.

Why should I use automatic timesheets?

Automatic time tracking will save you hours every pay period on payroll. With an integrated and free time clock app, it’s easier than ever to track time worked for your employees. There’s also a desktop time clock available on Homebase paid plans that make it easy for your employees to save time on web time entry.

How often should you complete a timesheet?

A good rule of thumb is to complete your timesheet as soon as you can– but don’t worry! Homebase can help with that.

Should salaried workers track time?

Homebase works well for non-exempt employees too. Salaried employees — like restaurant management staff — often still have to fill out time cards.

What is a timesheet in payroll?

A timesheet is a way for employees to track their time, which makes running payroll easier, especially if you have hourly employees. A timesheet includes the time the employee clocked in and when they clocked out at the end of the day, as well as any breaks they took during their shift. A timesheet makes it easy to run payroll accurately.

Why use a timesheet to track employee work hours?

Using a time clock that integrates with timesheets is a much easier way to calculate work hours. When you clock in or out, those times are automatically added to your time card, and at the end of the time, your time worked is calculated automatically. With the free Homebase mobile app, employees can also estimate their earnings for their hours worked.

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