Timesheet Templates

Ditch the Spreadsheet Templates and Save Over Five Hours on Payroll Every Week

Free online timesheets make it easy to run payroll from anywhere in just a few clicks

Identify errors automatically

Homebase will highlight time card errors automatically, and make it easy for you to fix them, so payroll is a breeze and you’ll stay compliant with local labor laws.

Save hours on manual data entry

Homebase tracks time worked automatically, so you won’t need to waste time entering clock in and clock out times in a spreadsheet.

Everything in one place

Use Homebase for scheduling and time tracking and you’ll have all your labor data in one place.

Still interested in a downloadable timesheet template?

Timesheet templates make it easy to track employees’ hours and process payroll. A timesheet tracks, by day, the clock in and clock out times of hourly employees, along with unpaid breaks (like lunch). With a completed timesheet, you and your team members will know exactly how much they’re getting paid, how many hours they worked, and whether or not they accrued any overtime.

Note that these templates don’t include any wage rate information, for a little extra flexibility. That way, managers who don’t have access to wage rates can still fill out the timesheets, employees can work multiple roles (or locations) with different wages for each, and if you offer holiday or other special pay, that can be calculated easily.

Timesheets are manual and time-consuming. There’s a better way. With Homebase, you can save five hours every week and eliminate the need for paper timesheets, for free.

Excel Timesheet Template

This timesheet template is compatible with all recent versions of Microsoft Excel. Once you download the template, just double-click to open it.

Google Sheets Timesheet Template

This timesheet template is designed for Google Drive, which is a free Excel alternative. After downloading the file, upload it into your Google Drive.

Numbers Timesheet Template

This timesheet template is compatible with all recent versions of Apple Numbers.

More about this blank timesheet template

You can duplicate this spreadsheet to create a weekly timesheet template that you can reuse. But it’ s easier to use a complete time tracking solution that will not only help you track employee hours, but also track employee time against scheduled hours. You’ll be able to get better insight into your business and your labor costs. With this increased visibility, you can reduce overtime hours and more effectively schedule your team.
This free timesheet spreadsheet is easy to use, but not particularly comprehensive. There’s still a lot of work you need to do yourself. Pretty much everything but the timesheet calculator that adds up the number of hours each employee works.
By using timesheet software, you’ll be able to identify employee time card errors, like missed clock outs or missed lunch breaks, easily. You can also export the time sheet directly to your payroll provider in just a few clicks, so your employees always receive the correct total pay each pay period.
One thing an employee timesheet template can’t help with is labor law compliance. According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, you need to store employee time card history for at least two years, even if the employee no longer works at your business. With timesheet software, those online timesheets are stored in the cloud, for easy retrieval.
A free monthly timesheet in Excel or another spreadsheet program, can’t track sick leave, ensure accurate payroll, or ensure labor law compliance. A blank timesheet template is a simple calculator to track your employeeshours worked.
There’s also a security and privacy issue with an Excel time sheet. Managers or employees recording their hours worked in a given pay period probably shouldn’t view other employeeshourly rate or see their total pay. That means there’s an extra step for whoever on your team is responsible for payroll.
There’s also the added risk of human error. When someone is entering in their hours worked into the timesheet template, or if someone is copying over the hour data from paper timesheets, there’s the risk of a typo. A typo on a time sheet could lead to inaccurate payroll.

Timesheets that do the work for you

Prepare your timesheets without a template and save hours every payroll period. Homebase automatically identifies errors, including missed breaks or clock-outs. You can compare to the scheduled hours instantly. You can even set up an automatic text to your employees if they miss a clock out.

  • Total hours, calculate overtime, and subtract breaks automatically.
  • Identify errors automatically.
  • Export directly to popular payroll providers without any data entry.
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Spend less time on timesheets

Track breaks and tips

Track paid and unpaid breaks based on your state rules. See cash tip declarations totaled up on your timesheets.

Automatic calculations and overtime

Total hours, track overtime, and subtract breaks without a calculator. Homebase keeps the running totals for you.

Compliance tools to reduce your risk

Get a text if an employee hits overtime. Get an email if an employee is going to hit overtime later in the week. Keep your timesheet records securely in the cloud.

Get advanced reporting you won’t find in a simple timesheet template.  Like labor costs, projected sales, on-time reporting, and more.

Turn any computer, tablet, or mobile device into a time clock. You can even set up most popular point of sale systems as a Homebase time clock.

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Sync your timesheet data directly to payroll with the following providers:

Square Payroll
Bank of America
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“Our payroll is getting more complicated now that we have 80 employees. What’s nice about Homebase is it alerts me if something is wrong on our timesheets. It feels like I have an extra person working on my team helping me to make sure everything around Payroll is accurate.”

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What about a monthly time sheet, or a semi monthly time sheet template?

You can just add rows to this weekly timesheet. While this timesheet template is designed for a five-day workweek, you can always add more rows for additional days. Just be sure you add the right number of days for the pay period. A monthly time sheet template for a month of 30 days would, of course, need 30 rows. But a semi monthly timesheet would need 14, 15, or 16 rows, depending on whether the month has 28, 30, or 31 days.

A better option would be a simple timesheet that handles this math for you automatically.

Why do I need to worry about employee time tracking?

For accurate payroll, labor law compliance, and tracking regular hours and overtime. While it may seem cheapest to use a free monthly timesheet template, using a dedicated professional timesheet app will make specific tasks easier, like tracking sick leave, accrued time off, and more. You’ll also have a system of record stored securely — with time card edit history — you can download whenever you need to.

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