Everyone has a favorite spot - that cafe that serves the perfect chicken sandwich on sourdough, a tavern with forty brews on tap, the Italian place you took your significant other on your first date, the bookstore with the greatest collection of scifi. All of these local favorites have cultivated something special and unique - as special and unique as the people that dedicate their time to making that business great. Imagine giving them the gift of more time.

We believe in these entrepreneurs and we believe in the people who work in these businesses. We are on a mission to eliminate this paper so that owners, managers, and employees can focus on the things they love.

At Homebase, you would join a determined team to change how people in local business work. We are starting with modern, easy-to-use web and mobile apps that simplify time-keeping and scheduling. We are focused on building incredible user experiences that solve real problems, and we have a lot more on the way.

Open Positions