For hospitality & leisure businesses

All-in-One team management.

Homebase helps you manage complex schedules, easily track time, and get your team in sync.

We support many types of hospitality & leisure businesses including

Amusement parks
Comedy clubs
Country clubs
Escape rooms
Events and festivals
Hotels and lodging
Movie theaters
Performing arts
Sports and recreation

Build your perfect schedule.

Homebase can help you optimize even the most complex team schedules.

  • Create schedules for multiple departments and roles in one place.
  • Use templates or auto-scheduling to optimize shifts.
  • Adjust your schedule on the fly from anywhere on your phone.
  • Publish the latest schedule and your team is instantly notified in text, email, and the app.
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Flexible time tracking.

Homebase time clocks work where your team works.

  • Employees can clock in on location on their smartphones or at the office on tablets and computers. 
  • Use GPS and geofencing to confirm where employees are clocking in
  • Send automatic shift reminders to your team.
  • Get alerts if employees are late for their shifts. 
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Homebase helps us keep track of all our hours and staffing, helps us get our labor under control and keep our team in contact with each other, we couldn’t imagine life without them.

Connor Ward

Owner of Altona Hotel, Altona, MB, Canada

Get your team in sync.

Keep your team updated on unexpected changes or important information.

  • Send messages to individuals, groups, or your entire organization.
  • Instantly create groups, like everyone working today, for quick requests, guest emergencies, event details, and more.
  • Know when your team has read your messages and viewed their schedules.
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han 💛
Also they have the most amazing customer service every time you call, there the one company I actually enjoy needing to call them.
I have been in the industry for 25 years and this has what you need and more. For a small business it’s really all you need!
Claire C.
I love the ease of communication Homebase allows with employees.
Farmstrong (Mara)
We've just set up #JoinHomebase & it is some serious, free #kickassSoftware.

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