Get your business in shape with the Homebase Compliance Toolkit

Compliance is hard. There are state, federal, and local regulations to follow. Big companies have HR teams to keep track of all the changes and requirements, but local business owners have to do it themselves, along with everything else that comes with running a business. 

It’s no surprise that when we surveyed business owners, 30% of them acknowledged that they didn’t know if any of the new labor laws in 2020 would impact them. So we’ve put together a few tools to help local businesses stay on top of federal and state employment laws.

Check out what’s included in the toolkit below. Remember, this is not official legal advice. If you have questions or concerns about your business operations, it’s best to check with your state and local governments or consult an employment lawyer. 

State Labor Law Guides 

While the country was ringing in the new year, many state and national labor laws were going into effect on January 1st. We’ve put together state-by-state guides to help you navigate the waters of employment law. From wages to breaks, hiring to firing, we’ve got you covered.

All you have to do to get the breakdown on your specific state laws is head over to the page and click on your state. There you’ll find what you need to know about minimum wage, final paychecks, COBRA policies, and more. 

2020 Compliance Calendar

If you have a hard time remembering your cousin’s birthday, you probably also have a hard time remembering when you’re supposed to turn in your Form 940, right? We took the legwork out of compiling a list of the most important compliance deadlines and made a nifty calendar that you can download to keep a pulse on what’s due and when. 

Bonus: if you subscribe from Google Calendar you’ll automatically get updated when new items are added.

Minimum Wage Increase Calculator

Minimum wage increases were very common this year, with 24 states—as well as the District of Columbia—increasing their rates in 2020. Before you lock down a plan on how you’re going to increase your staff’s pay while also keeping labor costs in check, try out our new Minimum Wage Increase Calculator to get a better idea of how the rise in wages will affect you. 

2020 Labor Law Quiz

Before you check out your state labor law guide, why not test out your 2020 labor law knowledge first? We put together a state-by-state quiz for you to assess just how much of a handle you’ve got on what’s changed in your state. After you see the results, you’ll know just how much time you need to spend studying your state guide! 

Wage and Hour 101: On-Demand Webinar

Understanding the basics of wage and hour requirements can help you avoid penalties, prevent lawsuits, and promote healthy relationships with employees. Our team of experts introduces the basics of being an employer with hourly workers in this informative webinar. The webinar may have already occurred, but you can view the recording to get up to speed. 

Employee Handbooks 101: On-Demand Webinar

HR-expert Kara Govro gives you the lowdown about employee handbooks in this webinar recording. An employee handbook is a powerful tool to communicate your organization’s policies and culture. It can also serve as your first line of defense in an employment lawsuit or investigation. Watch the webinar to learn all about the basics. 

After you’ve utilized the toolkit in its entirety, take advantage of our other tools, such as our Scheduling App, Timesheets App, and Time Clock App to get your business in tip-top shape and save time—and money—on team management. 

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