As a business owner or manager one of your more important responsibilities is writing great waiter job descriptions that will capture the eye of top candidates. However, writing a job description isn’t as simple as laying out the expected activities and responsibilities. 

In order to find the most qualified job seekers for your open position, you need to optimize your job description. The best way to do so is to include the traits that make a great waiter or waitress. While those traits vary based on what style of restaurant you operate, there are several common aspects found in great servers you should be looking for. 

Yes, there are many basic description requirements to include in your job post, such as whether or not you require a high school diploma, if they need to be of legal age to serve alcoholic beverages, etc. However, in this article we’ll lay out five traits you should ask for in your waiter or waitress job description outside of the new team members’ duties and responsibilities. 

We also included examples of how to include each trait in your job description.  

1. Prioritize customer service in your waiter job description

One of the most important duties of a restaurant server is to have what some call soft skills—the ability to interact well with your customers. Your waiter should serve happiness and a welcoming attitude while also serving food and beverages. 


“We’re looking for a server to join our team who gets along well with others and looks forward to providing a positive and memorable experience for our guests.” 

2. Mention efficient work habits 

A server has many responsibilities to keep up with during every shift—and when the restaurant is full, those responsibilities can sometimes be difficult to juggle. It’s even more difficult to juggle  in a manner that doesn’t convey a “chicken-with-its-head-cut-off” vibe to your customers. 

Your waiter job description should convey that an efficient candidate will be the most desirable for the job. Can the candidate communicate effectively with the kitchen staff about food times while also maintaining a clean and positive environment at the front of the house? 


“If you’ve got any restaurant experience you know things can get hectic. We’re looking for a server who can juggle several tasks at once while getting food and drinks out on time and maintaining a calm, enjoyable atmosphere for our guests.” 

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3. Include observation skills in your waiter job description

A great server cannot be as efficient as possible without a sharp sense of observation and attention to detail. Customers should never have to wait too long for a refill if your new team member does a great job at keeping their eyes on all of their tables at all times. 


“There are a lot of aspects to keep an eye on when working at our restaurant, so the perfect candidate has no problem identifying the little things that need to be done, and never lets a customer’s need go unnoticed.” 

4. Make sure your candidate can learn quickly

You’re posting a waiter job description because you need help serving your customers—and if your new team member takes too long in the training portion of your onboarding plan, they aren’t helping as much as they could be. 

Still, starting a new server job comes with an onslaught of new knowledge to be retained. You’ll need someone with a quick learning curve to keep up. 


We’re looking for a quick learner to join our team. Our restaurant moves at a fast pace, meaning the less time it takes you to retain our menu and policy information, the faster you’ll succeed. 

5. Don’t forget about teamwork

Your restaurant won’t run efficiently if your new employee solely focuses on themselves while on the job. Look for someone who understands that teamwork truly does make the dream work, no matter how cliche the phrase may be. 

An employee who motivates and assists the team and also accepts help when they need it should be a priority when looking for a new server. 


“While we value experience and efficiency, we are also looking for someone who wants to be part of the “teamwork” culture we have worked to cultivate at our restaurant.” 

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