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Putting a Stop to Time Theft.

Homebase gives you accurate time tracking tools so you can run your business with trust.

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Prevent time theft across all device types.

Say goodbye to time theft.

Implement authentication and geolocation tracking to confirm all reported hours of your team.

  • Avoid time theft and buddy punching by using unique PINs, pictures, or enabling clock in/out on your team’s devices
  • GPS snapshots give you insight into whether your team clocks in or out from the right location
  • Enable geo-fencing to restrict off-site clock-ins that could overstate hours
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Employee pin pad on table device

Guard against time theft, get control of labor costs.

Leverage automated alerts to secure accurate time reporting from staff.

  • Get notified of clock discrepancies in real-time to confirm hours worked before processing payroll
  • Receive overtime alerts proactively so you can prevent unapproved time inflation
  • Deter manual reporting errors with automated clock reminders for employees
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Staying on top of labor laws together.

Let’s make sure your time tracking keeps pace with regulation changes with Homebase.

  • Get updated on evolving legislation so your systems enable compliance
  • Create custom time-tracking policies with the help of HR experts
  • Communicate policies and collect employee consent digitally to build trust and transparency
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Detailed view of compliance requirements by state

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Put a time clock in your team’s pocket.

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About time theft

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s time theft?

Time theft refers to any instance where employees inaccurately report or overstate their hours worked without manager approval. This payroll shrinkage, whether unintentional or deliberate, results in companies compensating staff for more labor time than was actually contributed.

Some common forms of buddy punching, improper break extensions, or location spoofing result in pay inflation. However, clear policies, visibility tools, and automated validation controls can curb these behaviors constructively to align pay directly to work delivered. The key is addressing root causes through open communication and preventative systems. This builds trust while also confirming fair compensation via ethical means.

What are the different types of time theft?

There are many different types of time theft, including:

  • Buddy punching
  • Making mistakes on timecards
  • Late starts, early finishes
  • Extended breaks and lunches
  • Rounding hours up
  • Unauthorized overtime
  • Using paid company time for personal or unproductive activities
  • Falsifying time stamps
  • Managers who forget to correct forgotten clock-ins/clock-outs

If an employee is being paid for time that’s not worked (or unauthorized), it’s considered a type of time theft.

What is the impact of time theft on small businesses?

Consistent time theft can rapidly accumulate into substantial payroll and compliance expenses. Without proper controls, businesses risk overpaying for genuine labor while also incurring financial penalties or lawsuits tied to inaccurate reporting.

However, the majority of payroll distortion ties more to process gaps than individual maliciousness. Implementing clear policies, automation, and verification measures allows management to curb underlying issues constructively. This prevents major revenue and legal impacts through ethical means, while building trust by aligning pay directly to work delivered. The key is addressing root causes, not accusations. Strategic prevention also grants leadership more opportunities to focus on driving operational growth.

How do GPS snapshots work?

GPS snapshots record your staff’s location at the time of clock in. That includes clocking in, out, and breaks in between, but doesn’t continuously track your employee’s location during their shift.

Can time clocks prevent time theft?

Absolutely! Time clocks like Homebase use unique PINs and photo capture to verify employee identity and help you prevent buddy punching.

Want to take it to the next level? Time theft prevention features like GPS snapshots, photos at clock-in/out, and geo-fencing mean it’s almost impossible for employees to clock in from anywhere but work.

Is time theft illegal?

Time theft can be considered illegal. Time theft falls under the category of payroll fraud. By knowingly committing time theft, an employee is essentially stealing funds from a business by providing incorrect timesheets.