Time Tracking and Scheduling Built For Cleaning Crews

Managing your cleaning crew just got a lot easier

  • Build your crew’s schedule in our free mobile app
  • Have your team clock in from the job site
  • Post jobs on the top job posting sites
  • Export timesheets to the top payroll providers
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He said that

With Homebase we were able to get rid of the physical time clock, and my team started clocking in on their phone. Once people finally bought in to using the app on their phone, they realized they could see all the history of their work and how much they should expect to be paid.

Jared Higginbotham

Owner at Teal Door Housekeeping

Free scheduling app built for janitorial teams.

Psst. Your schedule is now on your phone

  • Give your cleaning crew their up-to-date work schedule in the free mobile app and via text and email

Reduce errors and no-shows

Get ahead of time off

  • Managers can easily track your crew’s availability, time-off requests, and approvals in the Homebase work schedule app
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Your cleaning crew can clock in from the job site.

GPS-based clock ins

  • Make sure your team is clocking in at the right locations. Track how much time each job actually takes.

PIN-based clock ins

  • No complicated passwords or usernames. Each employee gets a unique PIN to clock in.

Easily edit timecards

  • Managers can quickly edit timecards when employees forget to clock in or out
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Post jobs to all the top job posting site for free.

With Homebase, you can post jobs for free to top online job boards

  • Start with our pre-written job descriptions
  • With one click, post a job to multiple job boards, such as Indeed, Facebook, and ZipRecruiter
  • Collect walk-in and referral applicants too
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Export hours to your payroll provider to make payroll a breeze.

  • Track hours, tips, and overtime all in our free timesheets
  • Identify missed breaks or clock outs automatically
  • Sync your hours to payroll by integrating Homebase with top payroll providers
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Sync your timesheet data directly to payroll with the following providers

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