Free Team Communication App
Make sure your team stays in sync.

  • Free employee app keeps your team up-to-date on their schedule, hours, wages, and messages
  • Quickly send updates to everyone working today, reach out to those available tomorrow, or share specific instructions for shifts
  • Know who has—and who hasn’t—seen their schedule or read your messages
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Chat with your team quickly in our easy-to-use app

Homebase allows you to communicate without sharing information or searching for phone numbers. You can message your managers, the whole team, the people working today, or any of your co-workers directly.


  • Send messages without texts or emails
  • Set up groups or message a co-worker
  • Get read-receipts, send your location, post pictures, and more
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Put all of your information in one place

Homebase keeps your team organized over time and across shifts. Use the Manager Log to track information and put events and notes right on the schedule.

  • Put your Manager Log online
  • Track shift notes and events
  • Send a blast message to everyone by email
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Why Use Homebase to Communicate With Your Team?

Keeping everyone on your team on the same page can be time-consuming. Homebase offers a few different team communication tools to help share information quickly. Employees can chat with the whole team or individuals using the free Homebase app (the same place they’d go to check their schedules). These messages are free, unlike text messages on some mobile plans, and no one needs to share their phone numbers. It’s a team communication app integrated into your scheduling app.

Managers can communicate with each other using the manager log book, even if they don’t have any shifts that overlap, in a categorized and searchable log book. They can make notes about maintenance issues, private parties, cleaning notes, and anything else they need to share with other managers.

And when scheduling employees, managers can also leave shift notes, which are delivered when the schedule is published. You can use shift notes to let an individual employee know if there’s something unique about this particular shift, like if they’re training a new cashier.


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