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Track time for free with the easy Homebase Employee Time Tracking App for tablet and POS. Turn any device into a sophisticated time clock by upgrading with GPS tracking, more controls, and help to stay compliant.

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Time Clocks Without the Paper or Headaches

GPS-Based Clock in

Have off-site workers? Allow your employees to clock-in once they reach their work site. You can also verify their clock-in location on the timesheet.

PIN-Based Entry

No complicated passwords or user names. Set a 4 or 6 digit pin for quick clock-in.

Offline Mode

Don’t lose your time clock when your internet connection goes down. Use our iOS and Android app time clocks to keep tracking data at all times.

Easily Edit Times

Somebody forget to clock in? Managers can edit right from the time clock.

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Reduce compliance risks and save money

Reduce surprises and get ahead of issues with time-clock rules and real-time notifications. Homebase allows you to enforce the schedule and breaks without doing any extra work.

  • Take a picture on clock-in.
  • Prevent early clock-ins to save hundreds of dollars.
  • Receive alerts if someone hits OT or doesn’t show up for work.
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Sync your timesheet data directly to payroll with the following providers:

Square Payroll
Bank of America

Get started saving time with a time clock

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“I do a lot of off-site events, like birthday parties. With the mobile GPS clock-in feature in Homebase Essentials, I can just have my employees clock in once they get to the event location, rather than having them clock in at the store first, lowering my labor costs.”

Matthew Marcom

Franchisor and Territory Development
Pelican's Snoball