What Should I do if an Employee Dies?

If an employee dies it is very sad for your employees.  Here is a checklist of things to consider should an employee die.

  1. If you have a life insurance benefit, call your provider and find out what steps need to take place.
  2. Call the deceased employee’s family expressing your condolences and let them know if there is or is not life insurance.  They will likely be wondering
  3. Confirm dates of any services through the obituary or through your call with the family.  
  4. Determine how to accommodate time off should anyone want to attend the funeral.   
  5. Communicate to your team the facts that you know about when the employee died and when the services are.  Discuss how you will work the schedule around employees that want to go the service.
  6. Send flowers, donate to their memorial fund, drop off meals, or whatever you can do to help.  

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