Labor law quiz: Do you know the latest updates in your state?


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While the country was ringing in the new year, many state and national labor laws were going into effect on January 1. Are you up to speed on what—if any—new rules apply to your business operations? 

We broke down the newest laws by state to help you determine just how much you know about the latest legislation. Whether it’s a new paid leave policy, an overtime update under the Fair Labor Standards Act, or an increased minimum wage, let’s see what your level of knowledge is when it comes to compliance regulations. 

Take our quiz, and then head over to your state law page to brush up on anything you missed. Remember, this is not official legal advice. You can also see how Homebase can help you stay compliant by checking out our HR and compliance features

If you have any questions about labor law issues, it’s best to consult an employment attorney or check with your state and local governments to get the answers you need. 

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