In an industry with high turnover, hiring a reliable staff is key. Asking these five simple questions can save you time, stress and money later.

1. Were they easy to interview?

If a potential hire shows up late to an interview when they’re looking for a job, do you think they’ll be on time once they have it? Treat the interview as the first day of work; if they can’t bring their best then, don’t expect any change later, whether it’s responsiveness or appearance. You are taking a big chance hiring them for your business; they should treat the opportunity seriously.

2. Did they bring a sense of humor?

It’s normal for interviewees to be nervous, but they should be able to smile and laugh at a trivial joke. A good sense of humor lets you know that your employee can roll with the punches, engage with the customer, and maintain a positive and welcoming atmosphere.

3. Can They Commit?

Most of your employees won’t stay until retirement, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect a commitment. A proven past of long-term employment can help you avoid falling into the constant hiring and training cycle. Make sure their resume doesn’t contain too many short stints, and ask them about why they left.

4. Have they done their research?

You are investing a lot of your time to read their resume, interview them, and complete the hiring process; it is fair to expect them to invest some of their time to learn about your business. They should be able to ask informed questions and talk about the needs of your role.

5. What’s your gut say?

As the old adage goes: When you know, you know. Listen to your instincts. Does this person seem genuine, reliable and ready to roll up their sleeves? Resumes are often embellished, and some people are naturally good interviewers. So hire the person you feel sincerely wants to be there, and that you’re going to feel good about trusting with your customers.