Business messaging apps: How to pick the best one

  • To optimize task management for your team members, it’s important to find the best team communication app for your business.
  • The best team chat app provides collaboration tools to keep your team connected on complex projects, and stay updated in real time.
  • Homebase’s team communication tool makes organizing tasks a breeze, and allows business owners and their team to get on the same page in one easy-to-use app.

The best team management app prioritizes communication

When running a small business, you may have your teams collaborate on different task lists, and to do so, they need to be able to communicate with each other. Relying on text messaging through employee mobile devices isn’t always the most efficient solution, as team members might not have everyone’s phone numbers they need. They also might not have an unlimited texting plan.

The best strategy is to find a business chat software that focuses on keeping you and your employees up to date and connected at all times. This can be in terms of project management or shift information.

Homebase’s team messaging app is a smarter alternative to general instant message software like Google Chat or other chat rooms. Our solution is integrated with your cloud-based scheduling, time tracking, hiring, and onboarding tools.

You can keep your employees informed on all important aspects of their job without having to search through separate text message histories. You can do so right through your Homebase dashboard or in your mobile device.

Even better, it’s on our free plan, meaning you aren’t required to purchase a paid plan to get started on our team messaging app. If you need to save on business expenses, you don’t need to use a subpar system for chat. Homebase has everything you need at no extra cost to you.

Homebase gives you the ability to see who reads your messages in real-time. This is especially useful when sending important messages like upcoming shift schedules. You can send a group chat about big announcements, or assign tasks to a certain team. This feature is a great way to improve accountability among your team and ensure everyone is up to speed.

You can also send one-on-one messages to employees to discuss any issues that involve them specifically, or track projects they are working on. When you’re sending employees their shift schedules, you can attach shift notes detailing any unique areas of note for that specific shift. They’ll be automatically sent through our messaging app to the employee when they receive their schedule.

Homebase instantly delivers information to your employees

Many chat apps for businesses like Microsoft Teams or Troop Messenger focus on screen sharing, video conferencing, and other features that cater to larger corporations. However, Homebase’s team communication tool stands out above the rest in terms of small business team management. This is because we work to make every aspect of your work easier, including providing the necessary communication features your team needs.

Homebase team communication is made specifically with small businesses in mind. We increases efficiency by connecting to your other team management tools. By connecting your scheduling, time tracking, and onboarding to your instant messaging software, your employees will receive instant access to each week’s schedule as soon as you are finished easily building it in the Homebase app.

It’s critical that your employees receive their schedules as soon as possible so they can prepare their personal lives around their upcoming shifts. If they have kids, knowing their schedule sooner rather than later will give them an ample amount of time to arrange for the appropriate childcare.

Your team members can also use the Homebase communication app to instantly access their time off, availability, wage and hour information, and more. It’s for this reason that our software is best suited for your employees’ needs.

You can also add company events to your schedule, which will be relayed through the messaging app. And if you need to send announcements or required documents, you’ll be alerted when they’ve signed them or reviewed the information.


“We grew so attached to Homebase that I almost didn’t switch to a better POS system because I was worried about not being able to integrate Homebase. Luckily, we were able to upgrade our POS and keep Homebase - best of both worlds!”

Marko Sotto

Owner at Barzotto

Work from anywhere using timeclock app

Homebase reminds your team about important information

Perhaps the best feature that Homebase team communication offers is our alert and reminder capabilities. Through our chat app, Homebase will send an alert to your employees when they have an upcoming shift. Forgetting about a work schedule does happen from time to time. So it is a really helpful reminder that prompts your team members to prepare for their shift and set themselves up for success for the day.

Homebase also sends alerts to any employee who may have forgotten to take a required break during their shift. It’s very important for employees to have time off every few hours, but it’s also important for you to stay compliant with local and federal break laws.

If an employee continuously misses their breaks, you could find yourself falling out of compliance. However, if they are reminded to take a few minutes off through our app, you stay compliant. Additionally, they remember to get a bit of time to refresh for the rest of their shift.

Another employee alert Homebase sends is the clock-in or clock-out reminder. If a team member forgets to clock in at the beginning of their shift, they will be alerted through the app. This keeps your wage and hour records accurate without you having to go back and change it manually.

If they forget to clock out, they will also receive an alert. This keeps your labor costs in check and reduces any time theft activity that can sometimes occur in small businesses.

All Homebase alerts are automated, meaning you do not have to worry about setting the system up and maintaining the process. You can spend your time in more important areas of business, like increasing team retention and happiness.

Speaking of automation, when you hire new employees, they are automatically added to the team chat system. As soon as they start, your existing team members will be able to communicate with them. They can relay important information and help train them on things like required tasks and company culture.

If you need another way to increase employee satisfaction and build bonds among your team, an added great feature in Homebase communication is the ability to send shout outs for a job well done. You can commend specific employees for innovative ideas, working well with others, or working extra hard to get a specific project done.

Doing so will ensure your employees that you are paying attention to their dedicated efforts. Employees who feel they are appreciated are more likely to remain a part of the business longer.