Business messaging apps: How to pick the best one

  • Team communication can turn difficult with multiple messaging threads and missing phone numbers among your employees without the right business messaging app.
  • Free business text messaging tools can help increase team collaboration and task management.
  • Homebase’s team communication app makes it easy to send texts to your team and keep everyone in your business updated.

What is the best business messaging app?

The best instant messaging for business tools are those that work to help you keep your employees connected in one messaging app without having to worry about everyone having each team member’s phone number. Homebase has worked hard to provide the best free instant messaging for businesses.

We believe Homebase is the best text messaging service for business because it’s connected to all your other team management tools. On one easy-to-use platform, you can manage your scheduling, time tracking, and communication.

Not only can you use the chat app as a text service for your employees to communicate with each other and receive text messages from their colleagues, but you can also instantly send your employees their schedules as soon as you complete them.

Our chat software app for businesses also allows you to instantly access their hours, requested time off, availability, and wages in real-time. Keeping this open line of communication is a great way to prevent any confusion on important business matters.

Why is Homebase the best business messaging app?

The ability to keep everyone connected on their schedules and time records while keeping messages conversational through our high-tech messaging app is a great reason as to why Homebase is the best, but there are even more details that we believe increase the effectiveness of our software.

While you may have seen marketing campaigns for Microsoft Teams or Google’s Business Messages that highlight video calls and video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, and SMS marketing capabilities, our tool is specifically built for small businesses, whereas their software solutions cater to companies who may not employ hourly workers.

Our unique features geared toward small businesses and their employee needs include automated alerts. If a team member is supposed to work a shift on a certain day, they will receive a reminder notification. The notification is meant to prompt the employee to prepare for their shift and show up to your business on time.

Your team members will also receive reminders about taking required breaks, clocking in and out, and more. If your messaging app is not connected to your scheduling and time tracking, this would not be a feature you would be able to enjoy.

Homebase messaging also improves project management through open communication. With the chat software, you and your employees can start group messaging rooms to discuss important shift tasks and items that need to be checked off your list.

Once you’ve started a group chat, you can see who has received and opened your messages, meaning you can better coordinate on the project and remain on the same page. You can also start a one-on-one conversation with certain individuals if you need to discuss an issue quickly and don’t have time to search through phone numbers.


“We grew so attached to Homebase that I almost didn’t switch to a better POS system because I was worried about not being able to integrate Homebase. Luckily, we were able to upgrade our POS and keep Homebase - best of both worlds!”

Marko Sotto

Owner at Barzotto

Work from anywhere using timeclock app

How else can Homebase’s business messaging app help?

You won’t be the only one at your business who enjoys the features of Homebase messaging. Your employees can easily use the app while they’re already utilizing it to view their schedules and time cards to quickly discuss things like shift swaps or availability with their colleagues.

When schedules are released weekly or monthly, your employees will already be using the app to view them and request changes when needed. This makes it easier to hop over to the messaging tool and discuss upcoming shifts with both you as the employer and the rest of their team.

It’s also beneficial to your team members because there’s no risk of running up a phone bill. Not everyone has an unlimited free texting plan, so using the messaging app is the best solution for ensuring everyone can speak to each other whenever they need to take care of work-related issues for free.

Additionally, your team members may not feel comfortable sending out their personal phone numbers to everyone at work. The app will allow them to communicate with each other without feeling pressure to give out personal information.

The manager logbook is another great feature included in Homebase messaging. Through this tool, managers can communicate in an organized way with one another to discuss shifts, look through their messaging history, and have an easy place to keep track of important conversations.

Managers can make notes about maintenance requirements, upcoming reservations, cleaning needs, and any other important area of running a business that needs to be tended to in order to ensure a smoothly running establishment.

When scheduling employees, managers can even add shift notes that are delivered through our messaging system when a specific employee receives their schedule. These shift notes can be used to relay information the team member needs to have a successful shift, like if they are handling a special reservation or training a new hire.

File sharing is another critical feature of Homebase messaging. You can send announcements or documents to every employee, and you’ll be able to see when they’ve looked at them and completed any required signatures.