Why a timesheet calculator with breaks is good for business


  • Using a timesheet calculator with lunch break capabilities can help save you plenty of time on payroll reports each pay period 
  • Homebase’s time clock calculates employees’ total hours so you don’t have to do it yourself 
  • The Homebase timesheet app also tracks overtime hours and alerts you when an employee’s hourly rate is about to increase 
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Why should I use a time card calculator with lunch break tracking?

Your employees must take breaks in order for you to stay compliant with the federal, state, and even local laws that require team members to take a breather, like the New York Spread of Hours law. Using a timesheet that calculates hours ensures that your team members are taking the right amount of time off during each shift they work. Homebase makes it easy to comply with these laws and even ensures that you’re aware of who is late for their breaks, who is taking them, and more details through alerts and data in your dashboard. 

You could use a free time card calculator to manually calculate employee hours worked, break time, and gross pay based on whether or not they worked overtime, but manual calculators don’t provide any kind of alerts about missed breaks. This means you have to do more of the hard work yourself. 

Homebase comes equipped with other necessary alerts for employee management. If an employee is late for a shift you scheduled, you’ll get an alert on whatever device you’re using, no matter where you are. If an employee is about to hit overtime based on their scheduled hours, you’ll also be alerted. Using this knowledge you can rework your schedule or make any edits to stay compliant. 


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What is the best timesheet calculator with breaks?

An employee weekly timesheet should calculate regular and overtime worked time for each team member. It should also make break management a breeze for business owners on a weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly basis

Homebase calculates the hours each employee works and is the best at making break tracking as easy as possible. Our free solution tracks hours worked as employees clock in and clock out. It also ensures each employee is taking the required breaks that the government stipulates. 

Homebase will notice when an employee misses the start time for one of their required breaks. It will also keep an eye on when an employee  is about to hit overtime. Then your mobile app, tablet, or desktop solution will send you an alert. 

This way your employee time cards are accurate and compliant. For example, California overtime laws can be tricky to follow, but Homebase has you covered. 

Using a timesheet calculator with lunch break Excel option isn’t the best solution because an Excel timesheet formula with breaks calculated doesn’t provide the same alerts and features that Homebase offers. 

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How else can a timesheet calculator with breaks help?

Using Homebase timesheet templates not only helps keep you compliant with state and federal laws, but it also saves you plenty of time when it comes to calculating those hours for payroll. 

Our cloud-based timesheets sync effortlessly with top payroll providers such as ADP, Quickbooks, Bank of America Merchant Services, and other trusted companies. 

All you have to do is make sure your online timesheets are accurate before syncing, which is easy to do thanks to all of the alerts and automatic calculations Homebase provides. For example, you can easily edit an employee’s timecard from wherever you are after getting an alert that they forgot to clock out of their shift. Then, you simply sync your timesheet data directly to whatever payroll provider you use. It’s that easy! 


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