Time clocks that help you manage time-off requests.

Keep track of your team's availability and time-off requests easily, without a single sticky note.

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Figure your shift out.

  • Approve shift-swaps and find coverage easily with in-app messaging
  • Let your team easily add or adjust their availability, and submit time-off requests
  • Automatically send notifications to let your team know if their time off request is approved
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Managing time-off doesn’t have to be a time-suck.

  • Add blackout dates, request limits, and advanced notice policies
  • Allow managers to approve time-off requests and availability changes
  • Get advice from HR pros to help you stay compliant with time-off policies for hourly workers
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Ability to approve or decline time off requests

Time-off, but more transparent.

  • First-come, first-served basis to remove bias and build trust with your team
  • Reduce manager-employee friction by letting staff view time-off policies and request-conflicts
  • Enable employees to see approved time-off and current availability in their work schedule
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Employee visibility into time off requests

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About time-off requests

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a time-off request?

A time-off request is a way for your team members to submit a formal request to book time off work in the future. This could be paid time off (PTO) for vacation time, or unpaid leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

How can I handle time-off requests?

You’ve got several options when it comes to PTO and vacation requests. Typically, businesses require a written request and approve them on a first-come, first-served basis. If an employee wants to take a longer-term leave, a more formal request, like a leave of absence letter, might be required. If that’s the case, many businesses tend to require employees to submit a “request email” or use a time-off tracker or time-off manager to handle the requests.

I don’t have HR—how can I manage time-off requests?

If you don’t have a human resources department to help manage time-off requests, don’t worry. Try using time and attendance tracking software like Homebase. With the Homebase mobile app managers can track employee availability, time-off requests, and submit approvals. We’ll even alert you when an employee is late clocking in for their shift and help prevent time theft and buddy punching with our unique time clock features.

Where can I find a time-off request template?

If you use Homebase, your employees don’t need to track down a template from the internet, they can simply use the Homebase app to submit their requests. All they need to do is sign into their Homebase account, select “request time off,” and from there they can select to request either the whole day or a specific amount of time.

Once they hit save, the request is instantly sent to their manager, who can instantly approve or deny the request.

Am I allowed to deny time off?

Yes, time off can be denied for many reasons. For example,  if there are overlapping requests, the time off generally goes to the person who requested time off sooner. Shift trades are also an option for people whose time off requests were denied, and those can be coordinated by staff in the Homebase app.