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Ditch The Retro Punch Clock and Paper.

Say goodbye to mechanical punch clocks and say hello to web-based punch clocks that store hours digitally.

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Employee punch clock

A time clock that fits in your pocket.

Have a phone? Tracking your field and remote teams’ hours is easy with the Homebase app.

  • Teams can clock in from anywhere, on any device 
  • Geo-fencing or GPS snapshots let you know who’s clocking in and where
  • Automated alerts to ensure accurate payroll
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Employee time clock on mobile device

Let our time clocks do the math for you.

Save time and paper with our time clock app that generates automated timesheets and makes payroll a breeze.

  • Our time clock quickly turns employee hours into timesheets
  • Add tips and calculate wages at the click of a button—no calculator required
  • Real-time access to employee hour reports to keep labor costs on track
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Employee timesheet

Compliance without the cursing.

Meet record-keeping requirements with simple cloud-based storage.

  • Never lose a punch card again with Homebase’s secure cloud-based storage
  • Automatically track all time components to ensure robust labor law compliance
  • Eliminate time theft without putting employee data at risk
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Put a time clock in your team’s pocket.

Make time-tracking easier, download our free time clock app for iOS or Android today.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a web-based punch clock?

A web-based punch clock digitally records when employees clock in and out of shifts to track hours worked. No more paper cards!

This helps businesses track employee working hours. Mechanical punch clocks are typically centrally-located hardware that physically stamps paper punch cards with dates and times. However, web-based punch clocks (or time clocks) store hours digitally so they can easily be transferred to time sheets or used for payroll.

Why should I use a punch clock or time clock?

Punch clocks automatically calculate labor hours so you can effortlessly manage costs and payroll.

This helps you keep up with your labor costs and accurately pay your employees. You can also use them to track breaks, PTO, and sick leave for better compliance with your local, state, and federal labor laws.

Are punch clocks compliant with labor laws?

Punch clocks can be labor-compliant but require policies ensuring legal adherence on overtime and breaks, etc. FLSA record-keeping requirements also mean you’ll need to keep time cards for two years to stay compliant—that’s a lot of cardboard!

Which businesses should use a punch clock?

Punch clocks suit hourly businesses lacking standard tech access or that don’t want to pay for an ongoing software provider. Homebase’s online time clock is free too!

What is the most accurate way to track employee work hours?

Web and app-based digital clocks allow minute-level accuracy plus features like geo-fencing to verify attendance and prevent time theft and buddy punching.

Track employee hours down to the minute, including breaks, PTO, and sick leave. With individual PINs and GPS snapshots, online time clocks like Homebase can also prevent buddy punching and time theft.