Online time clocks
The best employee time tracking solution

  • An online time clock tracks employee time and total hours worked
  • With the Homebase free online time clock for employees, you’ll know who is clocking in and where
  • You’ll also know if employees are late or reaching overtime, which you can see in the mobile app
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Why should I use an online employee time clock?

Using an online time clock, also known as a web-based time clock, (and not to be confused with an online timer clock or countdown timer) brings your business into the 21st century and eliminates the need for tedious paperwork and unreliable time cards for employee attendance. Since online time clocks are in the cloud, employees can use the time clock app to clock in and out on a computer tablet at the beginning or end of their shift. 

With Homebase’s time clock app, small business owners can also eliminate the practice of buddy punching and stealing paid time on a punch clock. Buddy punching occurs when one employee clocks in for a coworker. Our free time clock software takes a photo of the employee as they clock in, so the risk of time theft is greatly reduced. 

Don’t worry– the photo does not use face recognition technology, like a biometric time clock. So you’ll remain compliant no matter what the laws are in your area. 

The Homebase time clock app also lets you know when employees are late in real time by syncing with the scheduling app on the free plan and keeping an eye on the employee schedules you build. Each team member gets their own PIN to clock in, so you don’t have to worry about complicated passwords or QR codes. The time clock also takes a photo of the employee when they clock in, helping to prevent time theft and buddy punching

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What is the best online time clock?

Homebase works hard to make your work easier by putting your time clock online, so we firmly believe our time clock is the best on the market. There are other options, such as Time Clock Wizard and other online solutions, but they don’t come with the great features Homebase offers on the free plan. 

Aside from the features already mentioned above, the Homebase time clock helps small, mid-sized, and even larger-sized businesses stay compliant by tracking breaks during work hours for each employee. You’ll get an alert on your smart phone when a team member missed a break. Homebase also calculates employee hours to keep track of whether or not they’re about to hit overtime. If they’re getting close, you’ll get an alert for that too. 

Do some (or all) of your employees work on job sites outside of your headquarters? Homebase has you covered there as well. Our GPS-based clock-in capability allows you to set up a geofence around the right location. Then, your offsite team members can clock in when they arrive so they don’t have to waste time before their shift. 

Want to save time on payroll reports? Homebase’s mobile time clock integrates with the top payroll providers so you can save time each week instead of dealing with the large headache that payroll paperwork can bring. Homebase will also help you track requests for paid time off and paid sick leave, making it easier to report each pay period. 


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How do I put my time clock online?

It’s easy to get started using the Homebase employee time clock app instead of using expensive hardware. First, download the app from the app store onto your mobile device. Then, sign into the app using your email address and password and set up your team members. After you’ve got it set up, they’ll be able to clock in and clock out with their own PIN. 

It’s as simple as that! Once you and your employees begin using the system, your data will be stored in the cloud and you’ll be able to track hours worked, breaks, and overtime, no matter where you are. 

If you are currently still using a manual time clock system and are tired of labor costing a fortune, take the steps towards using an online solution by utilizing our free online time clock calculator to do some of the work for you. Then you’ll see how much easier Homebase’s time tracking software can make your time tracking practices!  

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