Free mobile GPS time clock with Homebase

Track your employees and let them clock in from job sites & remote locations.

  • A GPS time clock allows employees to clock in and out remotely at a job site
  • The high-tech tool uses GPS tracking on the employee’s phone to determine they’re at the right location
  • Employers can verify a team member is at the right place with Homebase’s mobile time clock

What is a GPS time clock?

A GPS time clock (also known as a mobile time clock) is a time clock app with GPS tracking that allows business owners with different job sites and employees who travel to those locations to clock in onsite with a mobile device without having to waste time by going into headquarters before starting the day.

A mobile time clock app can also be used to prevent time theft by allowing employees who forget to clock out after a shift to do so on a mobile app, no matter where they are. This decreases the chances of inaccurate employee time and ensures your labor costs are on the right track.

What is the best GPS mobile time clock?

Homebase offers the best time and attendance tracking solution for small business owners with offsite jobs, which is proven through our thousands of five-star reviews. Our technology allows you create a geo-fence around a certain location. Then, the app uses the GPS on an employee’s phone to ensure they’re clocking in at the right site.  This prevents your team member from having to come to headquarters to clock in before starting their day.

Did an employee forget to clock out? No worries. The mobile time clock will send an alert reminding them to do so, which helps keep your labor costs accurate.

Plus, the mobile time clock is just one feature in our robust time tracking system offerings. Managers can easily track breaks and get notifications when an employee is about to hit overtime, which helps businesses stay in compliance with labor laws.

If an employee is late for a shift, you will receive a notification for that as well. You’ll even gain insight on which employees are late and on time the most out of your team, and you can save money on labor costs by preventing staff members from clocking in early and allowing for automatic clock outs when someone forgets to end their shift.

Do you offer paid leave to your team? Homebase can even help track time-off requests for paid time off or paid sick leave, making it easier to manage availability.

With so many features to help make your employee management strategy the easiest it can be, trying out Homebase to see if it works for your business is almost a no-brainer. Get started by signing up today!


“We grew so attached to Homebase that I almost didn’t switch to a better POS system because I was worried about not being able to integrate Homebase. Luckily, we were able to upgrade our POS and keep Homebase - best of both worlds!”

Marko Sotto

Owner at Barzotto

Work from anywhere using timeclock app

How does GPS time tracking work?

With a GPS time tracking app (not to be confused with a biometric time clock), managers and business owners can ditch the paper time cards and instead set a radius around the location where an employee is supposed to clock in and start working. A GPS time clock app (such as Homebase’s time clock) will then use the GPS location tracking on the remote employee’s device to ensure they are clocking in at the right place.

Some businesses also use GPS-capable apps for mileage tracking for employees who drive around to complete their jobs, but you have to find a solution that is geared towards this specific need.

What are the benefits of a GPS time clock?

The largest benefit of a time clock that is equipped with geo-fencing and GPS is that employee hours can be tracked quickly and easily without an employee wasting time by having to drive to another location to clock in. Instead, they can get started at the job site, and you can see in real time whether or not the employee clocked into the right location.

Because each employee has the online time clock on their phone with the set coordinates of their job site, the risk of time theft in the form of buddy punching on a punch clock (when someone clocks in for someone else) is greatly reduced.

Homebase customers get an added benefit with our GPS time clock: if it looks like an employee forgot to clock out at the end of their shift, Homebase alerts the employee with a notification reminding them to do so. This means when it’s time to run payroll, your employees’ total hours will always be accurate.


Mobile GPS time clock FAQs

What is a GPS time clock?

A GPS time clock or mobile timesheet is time clock software that includes GPS tracking, allowing businesses with different job sites, field service, or employee locations to clock in in from a mobile device.

How much does a mobile GPS time clock cost?

Most mobile time clocks have a monthly subscription pricing, Homebase however, includes a free version and a free trial, with a high quality of service.

How accurate is a GPS clock?

Generally, time clocks using GPS can be accurate to within less than a second and a distance of a few feet.