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GPS time clocks that go wherever your team does.

Track hours with location-based time clocks, and know exactly where your team is when they clock in.

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When accuracy matters.

  • Use GPS snapshots to record an employee’s location at clock in
  • Avoid buddy punching by enabling location requirements
  • Set up authorized workplaces so teams clock in/out from where they’re supposed to be
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Make every minute count —literally.

  • Easily calculate hours worked, breaks, overtime, and paid time off
  • Avoid time theft and accurately track hours so you’re only paying for time worked
  • Approve hours faster with side-by-side views of clock-in locations and time cards
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Empower your employees.

  • Let your team clock in and out conveniently from their phone
  • Give your team access to the latest schedules so they always know when they work
  • Automatically send reminders to clock in, take breaks, and clock out
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About GPS time clocks

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a time clock app?

An online time clock, also known as a punch clock app or time tracker, is a modern, digital way for employees to clock in and out of their shifts. The time clock connects with your online timesheet or time tracking software to calculate hours, then create payroll reports and wages for each team member.

Can time clocks prevent buddy punching?

You bet. Time clock apps like Homebase prevent buddy punching by assigning unique PIN codes to your employees to clock themselves in. Each team member gets a unique code to that you can update anytime.

What’s the benefit of GPS time clocks?

GPS and geofencing capabilities help to ensure that your field or remote employees are clocking their time-worked accurately. The GPS part makes sure that employees are in the right location to perform the job, while geofencing reduces the likelihood of wage theft.

How do GPS snapshots work?

GPS snapshots record your staff’s location at the time of clock in. That includes clocking in, out, and breaks in between, but doesn’t continuously track your employee’s location during their shift.

What type of industries should use GPS time clocks?

If you have remote or field workers, your business could benefit from GPS time clocks. These include industries like home repair, cleaning services, construction, landscaping, real estate, home care, and home repair.