How a team communication app makes your business better

  • Building an employee schedule is half the battle when it comes to managing your team. You have to communicate it to your staff as well.
  • Winning the battle in this case is having a well-staffed business that runs smoothly, while keeping employees informed and happy throughout.
  • Homebase offers the best team communication app, allowing you to set up group chats or individual messages to instant message your team in one efficient place.

Effective communication for free

As a business owner, you need to be clear about how and when they like to communicate. Getting an email that someone is feeling ill 20 minutes before their shift does not work for anyone involved. Setting ground rules for effective ways to communicate is crucial to making sure everyone gets what they need.

Not everyone refreshes their email often when they’re having a busy day. So having protocols in place is important to make sure everyone is communicating properly.

When running your small business, there should be no room for open-ended questions and fuzzy details. Your employees should know as soon as possible when they are scheduled to work. In terms of task management, they should know exactly what is expected of them so they have everything they need to get the job done.

Homebase offers an efficient team chat app on our free plan unlimited messaging, so you can instantly give your team members access to everything they need to get the job done in real time. Send them their schedule as soon as you are finished building it, inform them on their wages, hours, and time off, and more.

Centralized communication

There are many team communication apps available, including Troop Messenger, Microsoft Teams, and more, but the best part about Homebase is that your messaging system is linked with Homebase’s other team management tools.

With email, texting, messaging apps, social media, and more, the number of ways to get in touch with someone are nearly limitless. But with so many options, it’s important to stay focused.

Whether you’re asking a quick question about availability or giving a team update, you can message unlimited users on your team through Homebase’s free version. You can slice and dice to create groups according to job function, seniority, or whatever works for you. The bottom line is that you’ll always be able to stay in contact with your employees and keep all the information in one place.

No more searching through texts to see what day an employee wanted off because it’s all tracked in one convenient place. Simplify communication to get more time back in your day.


“We grew so attached to Homebase that I almost didn’t switch to a better POS system because I was worried about not being able to integrate Homebase. Luckily, we were able to upgrade our POS and keep Homebase - best of both worlds!”

Marko Sotto

Owner at Barzotto

Work from anywhere using timeclock app

Helpful tools for success

Your employees are probably great at showing up on time for every shift, but we all have our moments. Luckily, Homebase messaging looks out for everyone by sending your team members reminders about when their shift is supposed to start so they can have enough time to get to work on time.

Do you have employees who sometimes forget to clock in when their shift starts, or clock out when it is time for them to go home? Homebase’s communication tool can help with that as well. Your team members will receive messages to help them break the habit of forgotten clock ins and outs, as well as missed breaks.

Your employees aren’t the only ones who will benefit from the helpful information Homebase’s team communication app provides. You’ll be able to see who’s read the messages you send over the app, and you will even be alerted if anyone is late.

With the messaging app, making sure you’ve got complete coverage for your business at all times is a breeze. You can manage time off and availability, shift swaps, and open shifts. You can even send a message to  every team member you have scheduled for the working day, or communicate with everyone who’s available to work in just a few simple steps.