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Homebase has modern tools and expert HR guidance to help you stay compliant and manage your team.

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Organize your team roster and information in one place.

Ditch the spreadsheets and file cabinets. Automate your paperwork with Homebase.

  • Manage employee information, such as emergency contacts, payroll details, and more.
  • Track employee certifications and get alerts when they expire.
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Take a break from managing time off.

From PTO policies to time-off approvals, streamline everything in Homebase.

  • Get a complete view of time off across your team and business.
  • Set up paid time off policies in Homebase to track accruals and balances for sick and vacation leave.
  • Get more control over time-off requests by setting black out dates, request limits, and advance notice policies.
  • Automatically add PTO to timesheets to easily incorporate in payroll.
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Get help to stay compliant with labor laws.

Use Homebase to accurately track hours and reduce your stress.

  • Track breaks, calculate overtime, and store time cards to comply with federal, state, and city rules.
  • Track required employee certifications and get alerts when they expire.
  • Get notified when labor laws change at the state or federal level.
  • Get a custom employee handbook designed for you.
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Don’t go it alone. Have HR experts on call.

Homebase has a team of HR Pros ready to help with your toughest HR questions.

  • Talk live with a certified HR advisor to get help with your specific questions.
  • Have an HR expert review your policies.
  • Get access to our extensive HR resources library, full of templates, guides, and trainings.
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Protect your business and your team.

Automate policies and records to put your mind at ease.

  • Keep records when employees review your policies, handbook, and more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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ABOUT HR software for small business

What are HR services for small business?

As a small business owner, you might not have the time to manage every aspect of human resources on your own. You also might not think it necessary to hire a human resources manager to do the work for you based on the size of your business, so the best way to manage your core HR needs would be to utilize an HR outsourcing service to help you manage employees.

An HR service for small business takes the difficulty out of your business operations in terms of handling employee aspects such as job descriptions, hiring, applicant tracking, onboarding, performance reviews, performance management, and more. 

Not only does Homebase offer web-based business management tools like scheduling and time tracking, but we also provide a great HR solution that you can access directly in your mobile app. You can get started today with a free trial to discover our great features that will increase your business’s HR efficiency. 

Do I need HR software for small business?

Human resources outsourcing is a great strategy for business owners and managers who do not feel the need to hire their own HR manager, but do not feel like they have the bandwidth to handle the important tasks on their own. 

It is crucial to your business that you have a plan in place to handle the HR side of managing employees, even if that plan is to use an online solution as your HR sidekick. For example, if you sign up for Homebase and utilize our HR and compliance features, you’ll have access to a plethora of modern tools that will help you manage your team while staying compliant at the same time. 

Homebase’s HR features start assisting you with employee data and management from before they walk through your doors on their first day with our comprehensive onboarding tool. It is crucial that your business has a solid onboarding strategy in place because it has been proven that hourly workers are more likely to remain on the job if they believe their employee onboarding experience was efficient and effective. 

It’s easy to achieve this with Homebase onboarding through your Homebase app. your newly hired team members will be invited to participate in self onboarding before their first shift begins at your business. Homebase will email each new employee a welcome packet that includes every necessary federal and state new hire form that must be completed in order for them to work and you to stay compliant.  

How does HR compliance for small business help me?

The best HR compliance solution should not only send a welcome packet to your newly hired employees, but also work to keep every HR aspect of hiring new employees as easy as possible for you. 

After Homebase sends the required documents to your new employees, your new hires will be able to e-sign the paperwork from their home so you can spend less time in the office on signatures and more time introducing them to your existing employees, your business, and the company culture. 

Even more importantly, Homebase will store your new hire documents in accordance with federal and state labor law guidelines. While many of the documents do not need to be submitted to an agency after they are signed, the employment law still requires you to hold on to them in a proper manner. They must also be easily accessible to both you and your employees in case any changes need to be made, and with Homebase you will always be able to view and alter them with ease. 

Not only does Homebase help you stay compliant with new hire forms, but we also give you access to HR experts for any of your compliance questions. The HR Pro team consists of certified human resources advisors that you can speak with live and get answers on questions about your HR policies, employee handbooks, and more. 

How do I choose the best HR software for small business?

The best HR software for small businesses should help you not only establish HR policies, but allow you to actually put those policies in place within your team management system. Homebase does just that to make your business operations as smooth and efficient as possible. 

To ensure you have coverage at all times, you will be able to set time-off restrictions in your Homebase time tracking tool. This way you can adhere to the policy and communicate them to employees, and your team will be reminded of the rules when they go to request some time off or change their availability. Enforcing these scheduling and time tracking policies with ease and minimal effort from both you and your managers will also help you reduce your labor costs. 

What’s more, you can even organize these policies and more in an optimal place with our employee handbook customizer. And if you need answers on any questions when it comes to your employee handbook, feel free to reach out to our HR pros who are waiting to provide expert advice. 

Is legal compliance for small business important?

The short answer: yes, legal compliance is crucial to properly running your small business. Homebase will help you stay compliant in many areas of employment law with the features we provide. For example, with Homebase you can track breaks, overtime, and break penalties. 

Along with the proper storage of new hire forms, you can store your time cards in Homebase so that you can adhere to the rules laid out by the FLSA. Our HR Pro team will send you alerts for any upcoming labor law changes in your area like minimum wage increases, PTO updates and more. 

Speaking of PTO, your employees’ PTO balances and accruals will be automatically tracked in Homebase so that you can ensure your policies are being carried out without having to keep a sharp eye on them. 

And remember, our HR Pros are here to offer expert advice on any questions you may have. Furthermore, you’ll have access to our HR resources library, and you’ll even be able to utilize online trainings for several different aspects of HR on your time, from wherever you are. 

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