Homebase vs. 7Shifts (2023)

Why choose Homebase instead of 7Shifts in 2023?

Homebase is tailored to the needs of small businesses, providing scheduling, time tracking, HR management, payroll, and more. Homebase has the needs of the hourly workforce in mind. 7Shifts also offers scheduling and time tracking, but doesn’t have payroll, compliance, or HR management tools available. 7Shifts is more tailored to the specific needs of restaurant businesses only.

Key features and costs

Compare the features that matter to your business.

Homebase 7Shifts
Employee scheduling X X
Time tracking X X
HR tools X
Team messaging X X
Labor compliance X x
Support for departments or worksites X x
Task management X
Hiring tools and job syndication X X
Payroll X
Early pay access for employees X – via Homebase
Mobile app X X
Customer service Phone, Chat, and Email Phone, Chat, and Email
Pricing Plans range from free to $80 per location per month

Homebase Payroll costs $39/month base fee +

$6/month per active employee

Plans range from free to $150 per location per month for up to 40 employees
Cost for most comprehensive plan for a business with 1 location with 20 employees $80/monthly (annual)

$99/monthly (monthly)

$135/month (annually)

$150/month (monthly)

Summary of Key Differences:

Homebase has the features you need to comprehensively manage your team. 7Shifts only offers scheduling and time tracking, while Homebase includes HR management tools, hiring tools, and compliance help. Plus, Homebase offers payroll, so you can have a truly all in one experience. Homebase and 7Shifts both price by location, which can be a good way to have predictable costs for small businesses with changing workforce numbers. Homebase’s most comprehensive plan offers more features for a better value than 7Shifts.

7shifts Fees and Features Explained In-Depth

  1. Employee scheduling: 7shifts has scheduling that is very catered to restaurants, non-restaurant small businesses will have to work around the system to make it work. For restaurants, 7shift has scheduling with roles and departments.
  2. Time tracking: 7shift only offers a time clock on the employee mobile app, while Homebase offers mobile, tablet and web time clocks. Compliance tools are only available on the higher paid plans, while Homebase offers these capabilities on our free plan. It requires employees to download a separate app for the time clock.
  3. Team messaging: Send real-time messages to team members, departments, or the whole team.
  4. Task management: Assign tasks by team, shift, or user to let your employees know what needs to get done this is only available as an add on, on top of the main price for 7shifts.
  5. Hiring and onboarding: 7shifts has basic applicant tracking and onboarding without integrations to major job boards and does not support electronic signature and collection of onboarding documents.
  6. Early pay access for employees: This is not available on 7shift
  7. Mobile app: 7Shifts has two mobile app available for employees one for scheduling and communication and one for time clocks.
  8. Customer service: 7Shifts offers a variety of ways to get in touch if you need support.
  9. Pricing: 7Shifts prices by location, which can make costs more predictable. They offer a variety of plans, though each plan has an employee limit, after which additional employees cost extra.

Homebase Fees and Features Explained In-Depth

  1. Employee scheduling: Get a handle on who is working when, so you can optimize your labor force and help your business run smoothly. Plus your team gets instantly notified when you publish updates, so you can keep everyone in sync.
  2. Time tracking: Track hours, breaks, overtime, and paid time off, plus track your labor costs by hour, department, role, and more.
  3. HR tools: Manage employee info, track employee certifications, e-sign and store documents, and get help staying compliant. Homebase offers robust HR tools and HR Pros ready to help, so you don’t have to be the expert.
  4. Team messaging: Simplify your communication with in-app messaging. New team members are automatically added so you can get in touch with your team whenever you need.
  5. Labor compliance: Track breaks, calculate overtime, and store time cards to comply with federal, state, and city rules. Plus, get notified when labor laws change at the state or federal level.
  6. Support for departments or worksites: You can organize your team into departments to build schedules and calculate labor costs by department. Get the data you need to run your business smoothly.
  7. Hiring tools and job syndication: Homebase makes hiring a breeze with automated hiring tools. Quickly and easily create a job posting, post your job for free to top online job boards, promote your job, and message applicants and schedule interviews all within Homebase.
  8. Payroll: Automated payroll that is completely in sync with your timesheets, so you don’t have to import or export anything to get your team paid.
  9. Mobile app: The Homebase mobile app for employees allows your team to manage their schedule, clock in and out, send messages, and more, all from their phone or tablet. This allows everyone to stay in sync conveniently, even on the go.
  10. Early pay access for employees: Homebase Cash Out allows eligible employees to get an advance of up to $400 of earned income right from the Homebase app, so they can handle unexpected expenses without incurring overdraft fees or turning to payday loans.
  11. Customer service: Homebase customer service is available via phone, email, and live chat weekdays 6am – 5pm PT. This variety of options allows you to choose the way you like to get in touch if you ever need help with anything.
  12. Pricing: Homebase prices per location, which makes it simple and predictable. Plus it includes unlimited employees.

Comparing Integrations

Make sure your back office works in harmony.

Homebase 7Shifts
Square X X
Clover X X
Shopify X
Toast X X
Revel X X
Lightspeed Retail X X
Lightspeed Restaurant X X
Restaurant 365 X
Rippling X
Indeed X
Gusto X X
Paychex X X
ADP Workforce Now X
Quickbooks Online X X

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