Track time worked without the paper or headaches

  • Setup a time clock anywhere

    Turn any browser or tablet into a time clock. Set up multiple time clocks in one location and consolidate all of the information in the cloud.
  • Take a picture

    Use the camera on your tablet to take a photo on clock-in and clock-out.
  • Track paid and unpaid breaks

    Setup your break rules and track them through the timeclock. Set break periods and paid/unpaid status, and record them all to the timesheet.
  • Pin-based entry

    No complicated passwords or user names. Set a 4 or 6 digit pin for quick clock-in
  • Easily edit times

    Somebody forget to clock in? Managers can edit right from the time clock
  • Offline mode

    Don’t lose your time clock when your internet connection goes down. Use our iOS and Android app time clocks to keep tracking data at all times.

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