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Use our free employee time clock app. On any device.

  • Track hours on tablets, computers, phones, and POS
  • Know if employees are late or reach overtime
  • Know exactly who is clocking in and where
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Clock in and clock out from any device. Use our time clock without paper or headaches.

GPS-based clock ins

  • Verify your off-site employees are clocking in at the right locations. Or restrict on-site employees to clocking in only at your location

PIN-based clock ins

  • No complicated passwords or usernames. Each employee gets a unique PIN to clock in.

Offline mode

  • Wifi down? Don’t worry. We’ll record all your clock ins and sync them later.

Easily edit timecards

  • Managers can quickly edit timecards when employees forget to clock in or out
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Reduce compliance risks, save money, get control.

Track breaks and overtime

  • Easily track breaks and overtime to stay compliant with state, federal, and municipal regulations

Prevent early clock ins

  • Save money by preventing employees from clocking in early and automatically clocking them out when they forget

Stay on top of your team—even when you aren’t there in person

  • Get alerts when employees are late for shifts or when they are approaching overtime
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Sync your timesheet data directly to your payroll with the following providers

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Through the Homebase mobile app, I can get up-to-the-minute updates, see who has clocked in, and ensure that my shifts are covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Homebase Time Clock App

What is an online timesheet?

An online timesheet is a 21st century record of each employee’s total hours worked each pay period. Business owners use them to calculate payroll and hourly wages for each team member. Learn more about why online timesheets are important by visiting our article explaining more.

You can also learn more about online time clocks here.

What is a basic employee timeclock?

A basic employee time clock system physically stamps the time and date on an employee punch card when an employee clocks in and clocks out. The punch card shows the count of each employee’s work hours. Unfortunately for employers, basic time punch clocks make it easier for staff members to take part in the practice of “buddy punching.” Buddy punching occurs when a coworker clocks in another employee if that employee isn’t actually at work. This increases the price of labor, costing employers hundreds of dollars every week. With a basic work time clock, you don’t get to track and identify if an employee is buddy punching.

You don’t have to worry about buddy punching when you use the Homebase official time clock. It takes a picture of each employee team as soon as they clock in for their shift. This ensures it’s really them.

What is a digital time clock?

A digital time clock, or a self-calculating machine, is similar to a basic time clock, except the data is added up–you guessed it, digitally–to make it easier to run payroll. However, employees can still get away with buddy punching since it’s not a real time clock app.

What is an online employee time clock?

Small business owners looking for time clock solutions for their hourly employees can use the Homebase app for all of their attendance software and time tracking needs.

With Homebase, an employer can turn almost any device with an internet connection (such as a browser, tablet or phone) into a sophisticated time clock software system. No more expensive hardware or paper time cards. All you have to do is set up the online time clock software, track employees’ time with ease and watch the data sync seamlessly into the cloud.

What is a biometric time clock?

A biometric time clock doesn’t use traditional pin codes or timecards and instead utilizes each employee’s unique body measurements to identify who exactly is clocking in. To learn more about if a biometric time clock is right for your business, check out our article that lays out the pros and cons.

What is a time punch clock?

A time punch clock is a device that allows employees to clock in and out of every shift they work. Business owners then track total  hours worked for each pay period.

Check out our article explaining time punch clocks to learn more.

What is a GPS mobile time clock?

GPS mobile time clocks allow remote employees who work at different job sites to clock in and out of each shift via a mobile device at the location they are working.

Learn more about Homebase’s GPS mobile time clock here.

How do you keep track of your employee hours?

To get started using the free Homebase Time Clock app for tablets, simply download the app from the app store onto a tablet or your POS device, sign into the Homebase app with the owner or manager’s email address and password, and then team members can clock in and out with the time clock using their personalized pin.

It’s that simple! Plus, if you ever have questions, you can contact our customer support team and they’ll happily help you.

Why use your employee time clock?

Since it’s in the cloud, an employer can track employee data, including time and attendance, in real time, meaning you can see the total hours worked of an employee from wherever you are on whatever device you’re using. It will even work offline should your internet go down — the Homebase app will track data at all times.

To learn more about time and attendance, check out this article on how Homebase can help you keep track.

What is the best employee time clock for small business?

We may be biased, but we truly believe Homebase is the best out there. It’s true that there are other free time clock options such as Time Clock Wizard and the ADP time clock, but with Homebase, you can get ahead of any would-be surprise issues with real time clock rules and real-time notifications. Our app allows you to enforce the schedule and sends you alerts if someone hits overtime or doesn’t show up for their shift. Did an employee forget to clock in? No worries. As a manager, you can edit the hours worked right from the employee time clock.

The time clock app also keeps you compliant with break laws. Employees can update their time cards from the mobile app, and they’ll get reminders when they need to return from breaks.

You’ll also get added security — the Homebase time clock app for tablets will take a photo of your employees when they clock in and clock out, so you, as well as their managers, can be sure their attendance is accurate. The time clock app is just as secure as a biometric time clock or facial recognition, but completely free. It’s much easier than dealing with paper time cards and a timecard calculator, or a cumbersome spreadsheet.

Another great reason to use Homebase is that it integrates with top payroll system providers such as ADP, Gusto and Quickbooks, so small business owners and managers can save time and stress every week instead of wasting time on payroll.

If you need to track employee hours for remote teams that make house calls or work offsite, like caterers, you can let employees clock in via mobile time clock using the easy employee login time clock app.

Managers can set a radius and the time clock app will use the phone’s GPS location tracking to make sure your employees are in the right job site when they clock in and that your employee hours tracking is accurate. You can also verify their clock-in location on the time sheet.

The best part? You can use Homebase for all of your team management needs, not just for time and attendance and time theft prevention. We also offer a top-of-the-line employee scheduling app that can be used on employees’ iPhones or any other mobile device, a hiring app to help you find the best employees, and team communication to help your staff stay in contact and up-to-date on your business.

To learn more about time clocks for small business, read our article on the subject.

How do I manage employee lunch breaks?

Homebase helps keep track of employee lunch breaks, required breaks by law, and more. Learn more about Homebase break management by checking out our article explaining how it works.

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