Free and Easy Shift Planning Software

Plan the week's shifts in just a few minutes

Drag & drop shift planning

Easy-to-use interface that lets you plan schedules by role, time period, or employee with just a few clicks.

Everything you need to schedule shifts in one place

See employee availabilities, weather predictions, and sales forecasts while you plan shifts for the week.

Put your shift planning on auto-pilot

Use our auto-scheduling tool to distribute shifts automatically, taking into account your team’s availabilities and roles.  Or just save time by easily copying over last week’s schedule.

No more no-shows

With Homebase, you don’t have to spend time managing schedule changes. With our free employee apps your team always has access to the up-to-date schedule, can update their availability, or request shift trades. You’ll always be notified for approval and remain in control of any changes. This cuts down on time, errors, and employees not showing up.

  • Send the week’s schedule to employees via text, email, and or through the free mobile app.
  • Confirm employees received the schedule.
  • Manage shift trades & covers from anywhere, with the touch of a button.
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Stay on budget with your labor costs

Make sure you’re not spending too much on labor. Homebase will automatically total hours and overtime, and even subtract break times. Connect your point-of-sale, and Homebase will forecast your sales automatically so you get the full picture of your business’s finances.

  • Plan the week’s shifts keeping in mind labor cost forecasts.
  • See the weather and your sales forecast on the same screen.
  • Use auto-scheduling to build your schedule for you.
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Link your point-of-sale system to have a complete picture of your finances

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“As our business and team keeps growing, the day to day employee management was taking time away from growing our business. We needed a more systematic and professional system, and that brought us to Homebase. It’s a great tool that has helped us to streamline our operations.”

James Mirras

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