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Free employee scheduling

Employee Scheduling Software

Employee Schedule Maker in Minutes

Drag & drop team scheduling

View the team schedule by role, time period, or employee and watch hours calculate automatically.

Schedule your team from any browser or your mobile phone

Publish work changes anywhere from the scheduling app.

Put your schedule on auto-pilot

Easily copy over last week’s shift schedule. Or use automatic scheduling, which takes into account your team’s availabilities and roles.

Reduce no-shows and employee scheduling errors

Homebase helps manage schedule changes. Your team always has the up-to-date shift schedule. Your team can update their availability or request shift trades, and you’ll be notified for approval. Homebase will automatically update the work schedule and highlight conflicts.

  • Send to employees via text, email, and the free mobile app and confirm they received it.
  • Track time-off and availability changes.
  • Manage shift trades & covers without phone calls.
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Easily manage your labor costs

Get better visibility into your labor costs. Homebase will total hours and overtime, and even subtract break times. Input your sales data to make sure you’re hitting budget targets. Connect your POS and Homebase will forecast your sales automatically.

  • Forecast your labor costs as you schedule shifts.
  • See the weather and your sales forecast right on the schedule
  • Auto-scheduling software builds the schedule for you
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Integrate your sales data automatically from these leading POS companies

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“As our business and team keeps growing, the day to day employee management was taking time away from growing our business. We needed a more systematic and professional system, and that brought us to Homebase. It’s a great tool that has helped us to streamline our operations.”

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Homebase & Capterra

Homebase is rated 5.0/5.0 stars based on 138 reviews from our customers on Capterra.

The Best Schedule Maker

With Homebase, you’ll get easy, fast and free work scheduling software. Compared to employee scheduling templates, or even printed employee schedules, you’ll save hours every week on employee management. An online schedule maker like Homebase is a critical part of your workforce management software solution, and it’ll make shift scheduling and payroll a breeze.  Your team will love an employee scheduling app like Homebase too, with scheduling updates sent to their phones as soon as they’re published, and an easy way for them (and you) to track time off. Using Homebase for free employee scheduling is a win-win: your team will love the flexibility, and your managers will save hours on team scheduling.

Creating and publishing a work schedule on Homebase only takes a few minutes, and if you keep the same schedule week to week, you can easily copy it over or even schedule weeks in advance. As you’re making the schedule, you’ll be able to see your whole team’s availabilities, along with sales and weather projections, so you can stay in control of your labor costs. You can also add shift notes as you schedule, with helpful reminders for your team.

You might already be scheduling employees in a spreadsheet template, or using another online scheduling app. Either way, switching to Homebase will save you time and money: you can use Homebase for free scheduling and a whole lot more. Integrated with your payroll provider, point of sale system, and even your time clock, with Homebase, everything you need to manage your team is in one place.

Shift Scheduling Your Employees Will Love

With the free Homebase mobile app, your team will get notified instantly when you publish a new schedule. They’ll also be able to update their future work availabilities, estimate their earnings, request time off, and even trade shifts (with manager approval). If they don’t have an Android or iOS phone, you can still send them text message reminders on the essentials plan and above.

Shift Notes, Auto-Scheduling, Schedule Templates, Sales and Labor Cost Forecasting, and More

So much more than just a scheduling template.

Add shift-specific notes to the schedule, like the location of an off-site event or notes about a private party. When you publish your schedule, we’ll share the shift notes with the specific employees.

Auto-scheduling makes it easy to build a schedule in just a few clicks. We’ll factor in employee availabilities, roles, other scheduled hours (so no one goes into overtime), seniority, and more. You’ll get to review the proposed schedule before it goes live.

Save time building schedules every week with schedule templates. Copy over schedules from one week to another, and schedule in advance as far as you’d like. Of course, you can modify templates whenever necessary.

When you add in your employees’ wage rates, and you connect to a point of sale system, you’ll see forecasted labor costs and sales as you’re building your schedule. If you have a target labor cost as a percentage of sales, you’ll be able to schedule your staff to match. You’ll even see a weather forecast, so if you have an outdoor patio (or sell ice cream), you’ll be able to staff appropriately.