Improve communication and reduce risks

  • Free employee apps

    Our app for employees is completely free, so the whole team can view their schedule, request time-off, and trade shifts from anywhere. They can even get reminders sent to them before their shifts start.
  • Mobile manager tool

    Managers have even more tools in the app, including a real-time dashboard of labor costs, a view of clock-in status, and the ability to text employees.
  • Real-time alerts

    Upgrade to our Essentials Plan to get a text alert if someone doesn’t clock-in or hits overtime. Jump on top of any issues immediately.
  • Collect employee feedback

    Ask your employees to rate their shift and provide feedback during clock-out. If it was a bad shift or there was an issue (no milk for tomorrow!), you’ll be notified immediately.
  • Message your team

    Send a broadcast message out to your entire team with one click.
  • Free Live support

    Our great support team is available by phone from 9am to 9pm CET, Monday through Friday. Email support is available seven days a week, even on our free plan.

Affected by COVID-19 or closures? We’re here for you. Visit our financial resources center for businesses and employees.