How to make work easier with a staff scheduling app

  • Setting up your team member shifts without the right employee scheduling software can be cumbersome and time consuming. 
  • You can use scheduling tools like Google Calendar or Excel, but they don’t help you with team communication or time-off requests. 
  • Homebase’s free staff scheduling app lets you schedule shifts in minutes, forecast your labor costs, and immediately share upcoming shifts with your team. 
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Employee scheduling apps decrease time you spend on workforce management

With Homebase’s employee schedule maker, you can build a schedule in minutes by dragging and dropping shifts, right from your mobile app. This way you can visualize your schedule and see hours add up as you go. Our free employee scheduling tool helps you make changes on the go, because we all know that every once in a while things come up and needs or staffing levels change all of a sudden.

With our app, you’ll be able to make changes as soon as you can get to your phone to alert any affected employees and update the schedule overall.

One feature that saves businesses hours each month is putting their schedule on auto-pilot with the ability to copy a previous schedule to the next week. If you have a fairly consistent schedule, why should you have to take the time to recreate it every week

In addition, if you want to let our employee scheduling software take the wheel, you can automate the entire process. This way you can track time and your team’s availability, and you can make a schedule that meets your employee and business needs at the same time.

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Use alerts to make your business run smoother

Scheduling changes happen and even the usual shifts can slip employees’ minds from time to time. Your team will be alerted as soon as you send out your new schedule, and if one of your employees wants to swap shifts, they’ll be notified as soon as the swap is finalized. This way they can easily put this administrative side of their jobs to the side and focus on their core duties.

You can also manage staff no-shows or late arrivals better with alerts about scheduled employee shifts. If your team member is expected at work soon, they’ll receive an alert via smartphone or tablet reminding them. 

Speaking of alerts, Homebase offers several ways for employees (and you) to receive them. we make it easily to notify you and your team of schedule changes, open shifts, overlapped shifts, and upcoming shifts via text, email, or app notifications. That way they can pick the method that works for them, instead of having to fit into one box.

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Homebase helps you manage labor costs and overtime

With Homebase, you can integrate scheduling, time clock, and time tracking with your POS system and monitor sales and labor costs in real time. This means you can track work hours, create your schedule, and complete payroll with your timesheets in one place. 

With everything all connected, keeping track of labor costs is a breeze. Remember those alerts we talked about? You will also get an alert when you create a schedule that’s too expensive or if an employee is about to hit overtime, so you can make better decisions when it comes to your scheduling practices. 

Speaking of scheduling practices, there’s nothing that’s going to kill your bottom line more than too many employees working on one shift than there need to be. Homebase looks at your sales data history and predicts how much you’ll make in sales for the day. This way you can plan your schedule accordingly.

Then, you’ll be able to determine how many team members should be on a given shift. We’ll even tell you the weather in your handy dashboard so you can make decisions for outside scheduling! 



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