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Make your team’s schedule and share it in our free employee scheduling apps on iOS and Android

  • Make your team’s schedule and share it in our mobile app or via SMS
  • Approve time off and shift swap requests and track labor costs and overtime
  • Stay in touch with your team in our free messenger
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Create a schedule with our work scheduling app.

Use our top-rated iOS or Android apps to make schedules and share them instantly with your team.

Build, edit, and share schedules on the go

  • Create and edit your employee schedules from anywhere and immediately share them with your team via the free Homebase mobile app, text, or email

Make sure your employees know when and where to work

  • Homebase sends reminders of upcoming shifts via text message and in our free app

Get ahead of schedule changes

  • Track employee availability, time-off requests, and shift trades in our iOS or Android app
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Keep an eye on your business while you’re away.

Track labor costs, overtime, and employee attendance all in our staff scheduling app.

Watch your bottom line

Schedule with overtime in mind

  • Track hours worked and get notified when employees are approaching overtime

Make sure your business is covered

  • Get notified if employees clock in late or miss a shift to make sure your business is running smoothly
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Stay in touch with your team.

Chat with your team in our messenger or leave notes for employees with shift instructions.

Prepare your team for the workday

  • Leave personalized notes in the shifts that employees will see when clocking in

Keep your team connected

  • Stay in touch with your team through 1-on-1 messages or in custom group chats

Get your managers in sync

  • Put your logbook online with our Manager Log to share information and track issues with your management team
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Build smarter schedules and labor forecasts by integrating your sales data automatically from leading POS companies

Everything from hiring to scheduling to time tracking - all in our top rated iOS and Android apps.

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Homebase scheduling gives an accurate and detailed view of our specific needs any given day. When scheduling, we use the shift notes and roles feature to communicate to each scheduled employee exactly where they are working.

Theresa Fouquette

Co-Founder at Bliss Small Batch Creamery

Frequently asked questions about scheduling apps

What is an employee scheduling app?

An employee scheduling app, or scheduling software, is a tool that helps you schedule employee shifts for your business. A scheduling platform allows you to administer shifts to team members. It also automates the process for shift scheduling and allows business owners to ditch the old fashioned pen and paper system.

Do you run a business that schedules appointments? There are several appointment scheduling apps online that give you the capability to provide an option for booking appointments for your clients.

These are different from time tracking scheduling apps like Homebase, but they work for employees who provide services such as hair appointments or spa appointments. Those apps include Square Appointments, Acuity Scheduling, and there are others you can sign up for as well. Some of these apps will even let you accept payments from customers.

Why is employee scheduling important?

Using an online employee scheduling app is important because not only does it save you time when building schedules, but your employees schedules are stored on the internet. You can see all of the employee time you have scheduled from anywhere you are, on any device.

It’s also important because your scheduling time is accessible by your team from any device—especially if you use the Homebase scheduling app. You can schedule shifts, view open shifts, and assign time to your employees easier than ever.

Online scheduling also means that you and your management team can create and keep tabs on the schedule from anywhere you are. Homebase scheduling takes things a step further and shows you which employees are late for those scheduled shifts the most.

What’s the most efficient scheduling process for my employees?

If you’re not using the right tools, your scheduling process can take up a lot of time in your day. Building your shift schedule is most efficient when you’ve got all of the information you need in front of you. This way you won’t have to keep going back and changing the schedule once it’s finalized.

Your employees can download the free Homebase app on their own phones and add their availability, as well as request time off. This way when you start to build, you’ll know everyone’s information and can make better and easier decisions.

After you’ve got all the necessary information, log into Homebase and start building. Once it’s finalized, your employees can get to work trading shifts if they need to in the app. They can enable push notifications so they can get reminders and know what time they need to show up.

Paid-plan employees can even enable the app to send sms reminders on their iPhone or Android devices. With online scheduling, both your life and the lives of your employees will be easier and more efficient.

Can you use a paper calendar or calendar app for your schedule?

The short answer—yes. You can use a calendar app like Google Calendar or iCal to build your team’s schedule, but since they’re not built for that exact purpose, they don’t offer the features you really need.

They don’t come equipped with schedule templates that you can copy from week to week, and the calendar will be filled with other events and notifications, which can get messy. These kinds of solutions also will not provide beneficial information such as weather forecasts, sales overviews, labor cost metrics, and labor costs.

This is why solutions such as Homebase, which are built exactly for scheduling, are the most efficient way to build your team’s shifts. If you’re worried about your team not being able to see their shifts on their own personal calendars, don’t worry. Homebase integrates with popular calendar apps so your employees can use their personal app of choosing to see when they’re working for the week.

How do I monitor employees during a shift?

Monitoring employees is easy with Homebase. Our time clock will track time and turn any device you’re using, whether it’s a desktop browser, smartphone, or tablet, into a time clock that will be easy and efficient for your business.

Setting it up is easy, and once you’ve got everyone ready to go, your data will sync into the cloud. You can track paid and unpaid breaks, which means you will have no issue staying compliant, and you won’t have to put as much work in either.

What is the best work scheduling app?

While it is possible to build a schedule on Google Calendar or other online options, the best scheduling app is Homebase thanks to the great scheduling features. Add in the fact that it connects with our other great features such as the time clock app and time tracking app, and you’ve got a fantastic solution.

But don’t take it from us. With over 100,000 businesses who love Homebase because it helps make work easier, our valued customers have left thousands of five-star reviews.

Why should I use the Homebase staff scheduling app?

There are several great reasons to use Homebase. First, Homebase will send your team members reminders about their work schedule and will even email them when they have an upcoming shift. This way they can better prepare and be sure to be at work on time.

Not only will it help your team members show up on time, but it will also save you a lot of time on the schedule building process. Homebase will help you save hours every week, because our automated scheduling feature. This feature allows you to build each week’s shift calendar in minutes.

We also offer a drag and drop feature that allows you to look at an employee’s shift schedule by either role, shift period, or for a specific team member. Worried about labor costs? Homebase scheduling can help with that as well. With Homebase you can view the automatically calculated hours for each employee.

The app will even calculate and predict upcoming overtime and subtract break times for each team member. Even better, you can use the app to input sales data. This will ensure you’re on the right track with your budget. An added bonus: You can forecast labor costs, and even see the weather and sales forecast.