Use this handy tool to see how much time you’ll save each week using Homebase to schedule your employees.

(Spoiler alert: it’ll only take you about fifteen minutes to build a schedule on Homebase!)

But it gets better:

You’ll save more time every payroll period, with easy timesheet uploads to your payroll provider. Lonnie at GG’s BBQ said it best: “Homebase immediately saved me about four hours every payroll period.”

You’ll be able to copy employee schedules week to week, and if you’d like, you can plan out schedules weeks in advance.

Your employees will love it too: knowing the schedule weeks in advance will allow them to plan their free time better.

And you’ll be ready when something pops up. Your employees will be able to trade shifts amongst each other with manager approval. And if you need to make a schedule change mid-week, any updates will be pushed out to your team, automatically, and available at their fingertips.

They’ll even get reminders about upcoming shifts, so they’ll arrive on-time. If they don’t show up, or arrive late for a shift, you’ll get a notification about that, too.

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