An employee time clock records the beginning and end of an employee’s work time. The data collected allows business owners to have an official record of hours worked for each employee on their team. The video below talks more about a free employee time clock app like Homebase.

Having a proper work time clock is important for any small business, as labor costs are a large and important expense. With a free online employee time clock like Homebase, you can make sure employees are clocking in at the right time and are logging breaks taken, saving you hundreds in labor costs every week.

Even better, with our GPS location-based clock in feature, employees can clock in from their mobile device when they get to work, ensuring that they are where they say they are. Finally, you can get real time alerts to your phone when employees are clocking in late – all in our free mobile app.

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1. Basic employee time clocks

Basic employee time clocks will physically stamp the time and date on a punch card when an employee clocks in and clocks out. Unfortunately, basic time clocks lend themselves to the risk of “buddy punching.” This occurs when a coworker clocks in another employee as a favor. Buddy punching can cost you hundreds of dollars every week, and basic time clocks don’t let you track it.
With Homebase, buddy punching is a thing of the past. Our free time clock takes a picture of each team member when they clock in, making sure it’s really them.

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2. Self-calculating machines

Self-calculating machines are similar to basic time clocks, except the data is added up to make payroll processing quicker. However, they can still be manipulated through buddy punching.

Plus, self-calculating machines can be expensive. Especially if you have to buy one for every job site.

3. Online employee time clocks like Homebase

Luckily, time tracking is now being ushered into the 21st century with software-based systems like Homebase. A good time tracking system will put all of your time-tracking data in the cloud, get rid of time cards and hardware, and add security by taking photos of employees when they clock in.

Homebase also helps you easily track breaks and overtime to stay compliant with state, federal, and municipal regulations. Plus, you can save money by preventing employees from clocking in early and automatically clocking them out when they forget. With GPS tracking, you can make sure employees are actually clocking in from work and not faking work hours. Finally, you will get alerts when employees are late for shifts or when they are approaching overtime

But Homebase isn’t just a time clock system. It’s a team management system. Homebase offers free employee scheduling and hiring tools all in one place. With Homebase, you can post jobs for free on the top job posting sites, create employee schedules from our mobile app, allow employees to clock in from any device, and track your labor costs from your phone.

The best part? Homebase is completely free with one location.

Tracking employees hours shouldn’t be the biggest worry on your list. Get rid of the time and attendance headache by signing up for Homebase today. Sign up here.

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