What are the Best Onboarding Apps for Local Businesses?

Congratulations, you’ve hired a great team of employees for your business. Now, you’ve got to set them up for success, but doing so does not begin with sending them out to face your customers right away. First, you’ve got to get them onboarded successfully and efficiently. 

The idea that new-employee onboarding is an essential aspect of running a smooth business is backed by several data points. A Glassdoor study found that an investment into a good onboarding tool leads to not only an 82 percent in employee retainment, but also a 70 percent increase in productivity. 

Furthermore, a Digitate study revealed that a negative onboarding experience can double a new hire’s likelihood of seeking out another employer. Think about it this way: This process is like your first impression on your new team member —and you know what they say about first impressions. They matter. 

One more statistic: Fifty-eight percent of businesses say their onboarding process consists of paperwork—and you know how we feel about paperwork here at Homebase. Ditch the old-school style and utilize a modern onboarding app for your modern business. Here are five software solutions that will help you do just that. 

BambooHR: Quote-based pricing

BambooHR’s sleek software comes equipped with the key features you need to get your employees onboarded smoothly, such as applicant tracking, e-signatures, employee databases, and performance management. The app also includes welcome emails and IT checklists so your new employee will have all the necessities on the first day

You can choose from two different packages: Essentials and Advantage. You’ll need to opt for the Advantage package to take advantage of their robust onboarding platform. You can try them out before committing with a 7-day free trial. 

WorkBright: Starts at $100/month 

WorkBright’s mobile app is known for its easy user experience. The platform allows new hires to upload photos of assets such as licenses and certifications and fill out any necessary documents before they even show up for their first day of work. If employees are a little slow checking items off the onboarding list, reminder emails are automatically sent out with increasing urgency before the first day. 

The app also helps you stay compliant when it comes to I-9s with a tool that makes the complicated form easy to follow through field validation. Then, managers can approve, reject, and countersign I-9s from their mobile devices, and all users can use the fingertip e-signature technology to take away the liability of using generic, typed “signatures.” 

ClearCompany: Quote-based pricing

ClearCompany streamlines onboarding best practices and does a great job making the whole process an easy one for all involved parties. Employees can engage with the app through their very own, personalized portal, where they’ll find any necessary information they may need before their first shift. 

Managers also get their own dashboard and can use it to manage employee life cycles, and everyone can look at their portals from whatever device they desire. 

Like WorkBright, ClearCompany works to ensure compliance with automated I-9s, W-4s, state tax forms and other essentials, which are all securely stored on the platform. 

Gusto: Starts at $6/month per person + $39/month base price

According to the folks at Gusto, their software will shave two hours off of the typical onboarding process—and based on their features, they might be onto something. 

Once you send a job offer to your new employee through the app, Gusto handles the rest and shows  your new hires the ropes of tax documents, direct deposit forms, etc. Employees can even start communicating with their new team with the app messaging tool so they can lay the groundwork for solid colleague relationships. 

Zenefits: Starts at $8/month per person

Zenefits’ HR automation is popular among startups and growing businesses who can’t justify paying for a full-time HR manager. The platform offers not only an easy app onboarding process, but also payroll, benefits management, and compliance oversight. 

App users can view their pay stubs, complete documents and select insurance benefits from a SaaS platform that can be used on any device. The software integrates with G Suite, Salesforce, Slack and Office 365 to ensure everyone has a nice user onboarding flow no matter where they work. 

Taking advantage of one of these great onboardng tools will increase the efficiency of your business as well as the productivity and dedication of your employees. Combine whichever solution you choose with Homebase’s free and easy scheduling and time clock apps, and you’ve got yourself a well-oiled machine.

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