What are the new TSheets prices?

TSheets is increasing its prices for new customers on September 1st. 

After August 31, 2019, new customers will pay a base price of $20 per month, plus $8 per user.


Old Pricing (before 9/1/2019)New Pricing (on or after 9/1/2019) 
Base Price$20/month$20/month
Per Employee Fee$5 per employee per month$8 per employee per month
Scheduling Add-On Fee$1.25 per employee per month$1.25 per employee per month


Note: these prices apply to businesses that pay monthly. Annual pricing may differ. 

When does the new TSheets pricing go into effect?

TSheets’ new pricing goes into effect for new customers on September 1, 2019. Any account created on or after September 1 will pay the higher pricing.


How much will TSheets cost my company?

TSheets charges per user, so as your business grows, so will your monthly bill. 

For a company with 20 employees, you’d pay $205 per month for time tracking and scheduling with the new pricing. 

$20 base fee + $160 for employee time tracking + $25 for employee scheduling.


What are some TSheets alternatives?

You could, of course, track time and attendance for your team using a timesheet template for Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or Apple Numbers. You could also use a schedule template as well for scheduling your team. 

But if you’re using TSheets for their GPS mobile time clock, spreadsheets won’t cut it, because they can’t track your employees’ locations in real-time. 

Apps like Homebase also offer a mobile GPS time clock, but at a lower price.


How does Homebase compare to TSheets?


Homebase is cheaper than TSheets for most businesses. For a company with 20 employees, here’s what you’d pay on Homebase and TSheets for the respective plans that include mobile GPS time tracking:


HomebaseTSheets (new pricing)
Base Price$20/month for Essentials$20/month
Per Employee Fee$0$8 per employee per month
Scheduling Add-On Fee$0$1.25 per employee per month


Homebase charges per location rather than per employee — which can add up to serious savings. 


But price isn’t everything. Homebase offers a ton of other features, like:

  • Integration with QuickBooks Online
  • Integration with 9 of the most popular point of sale devices, like Clover, Square, and Toast, so your employees can clock in right from your POS, and you can get advanced reporting on sales data when you schedule.
  • Integration with 8 of the most popular payroll providers, like ADP and Gusto, so you can export timesheets and run payroll in just a few minutes.


Learn more and sign up for free at joinhomebase.com