My first job was at a falafel shop in Manhattan, where I worked for a couple of summers during high school. We made most of our sales during the lunch rush, serving up falafel and chicken schnitzel to the midtown crowd. I usually took the subway to work, but on nights that I worked late enough for it to have cooled down outside, I’d walk home.

When I first started working there, I’d often leave without clocking out, and would have to update my timecard with my manager during my next shift. Our PoS was tricky, and sometimes I’d double back to clock out and avoid getting on my manager’s nerves the next day.

That’s why I love Homebase Mobile Time Clock. Mobile Time Clock allows employees to clock in and out from their phone, and shares GPS coordinates and a timestamp with their employer. If it looks like an employee may have forgotten to clock out, Homebase sends a reminder notification prompting them to clock out on their device.  


Mobile Time Clock isn’t just good for the occasionally forgetful employee, like me. It’s also great for remote employees and employers who manage multiple work sites. Mobile Time Clock allows employers to make sure that their staff is in the right place at the right time without having the be there in person. That means more flexibility for employees, and less to worry about for employers and managers.

Ready to try it yourself? Mobile Time Clock is available as part of our Essentials plan, along with other features not offered in the Basic plan. Learn more about our premium plans and pricing.