A free time clock app can replace clunky old time clock appliances. There are a lot of reasons to make the switch. Here are a few:

A free time clock app is, well, free

Ditch the expensive hardware and the paper time cards you have to keep reordering. With a time clock app like Homebase, everything is paperless. Your employees can even clock in right from their phone using our free mobile apps, using their phones’ GPS to ensure they’re at work when they clock in. This is especially useful for field workers who have to go to different sites to do their work, like a food truck crew or a plumber making house calls.

A time clock app does all the math for you

We’ll take care of calculating hours worked and reconciling them with scheduled hours (psst: you can also use Homebase for employee scheduling). You’ll be able to reduce the time it takes you to do payroll from hours to just a few minutes.

A time clock app is more secure and reliable

Homebase’s time clock app takes a picture when your employees login for their shifts, so you know it’s them. And if you’ve enabled GPS-based mobile clock-ins, we make sure they’re at the address you specified before they’re able to clock-in. All of this without any special hardware, like an expensive fingerprint reader

The time clock integrates seamlessly with your timesheets and payroll

Reconciling time card data with schedules and payroll are a thing of the past. With Homebase, all of that is done automatically. When you’re ready to run payroll, all you need to do is review the timesheets and then click a button to import into your payroll provider (we partner with many of them — if you use an artisanal payroll provider, we also provide you with a spreadsheet you can import yourself).

Reminders all around

Homebase’s time clock will send your team reminders of their upcoming shifts, and we’ll let managers know when someone is late, approaching overtime, and the like, which means you can keep tabs on your staffing levels from anywhere. This is especially useful if you’ve got multiple locations you’re managing.

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