Faster team communication: Homebase Messenger is now on the web

Need to chat with your team while you’re building your schedule? Want to alert everyone on your team to a change in the menu tomorrow? Now you can! With web messaging, you can message your team from anywhere within the Homebase web app.

You’ll get fast responses, and unlike a traditional text message on some mobile plans, these messages won’t cost your employees anything to send or receive. They also work great for those team members that don’t check email regularly.

We’ve also made it easy to automatically message your most common groups, including the full team and managers-only. (You can setup your own groups as well.)

Your team members will receive the message If they’re logged into the web dashboard  or in the Homebase mobile app. To make it easy for your team to see the message from anywhere, be sure everyone has downloaded the free mobile app (on iOS and Android).


message employees

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