Keeping track of employee hours is an essential step in running a business. It’s important to have the right tool to serve as your time-tracking sidekick and alleviate one area of stress in the hectic world of business management, and in this high-tech, connected world, paper time cards just don’t cut it. You need a mobile app. 

Still, searching through the array of apps that seemingly do the same thing can be daunting, and the stress of deciding which one comes with features that work best for your business can be a bit counterproductive (isn’t that what you’re trying to minimize?).

We took the guesswork out of choosing an employee time clock app and compiled a list of five great options so you can decide for yourself which one works best for you. Of course, we included our free time clock app on the list and firmly believe it’s the best on the list. But don’t take it from us. Let the features do the talking! 

1. Homebase

Price: Free for a basic plan, with upgrades starting at $16 a month per location 

Tracking employee attendance and hourly work is truly a breeze when you use Homebase’s time clock app. Our comprehensive app takes away the headache that comes with unnecessary paperwork and allows you to: 

  • Track time worked from any device: You have the ability to turn any browser, tablet or mobile phone into a sophisticated time clock, and all of your data syncs seamlessly in the cloud. 
  • View data in real time: You can see your labor costs and labor cost percentage in real time from whatever device you’re using. 
  • Use GPS to clock in: If you have workers on a remote job site, they can clock in once they reach the appropriate location. You can also verify their clock-in location on the timesheet. 
  • Use a PIN: Setting up a four- or six-digit PIN for speedy clock-ins and clock-outs takes away the need for complicated passwords. 
  • Go offline: Just because your internet connection goes down doesn’t mean your productivity should. Our app will keep tracking data at all times. 
  • Easily edit times: In the case that someone forgot to clock in, managers can edit right from the employee time clock. 
  • Reduce compliance risks: Get ahead of any would-be surprise issues with time-clock rules and real-time notifications. Our app allows you to enforce the schedule and sends you alerts if someone hits overtime or doesn’t show up for their shift. 
  • Ensure added security: When employees clock in, the Homebase app will take a picture of them so you can guarantee that it’s the right person. 

Pair the time clock with our employee scheduling, communication, and hiring features and you’ve got one seamless experience. Our software also integrates with the following payroll providers: 

  • ADP
  • Gusto
  • Quickbooks
  • Heartland
  • Square Payroll
  • Millennium Payroll Solutions
  • Sure Payroll
  • Bank of America Merchant Services 

2. Deputy

Price:  $4/user a month 

The Deputy app allows employees to clock in and out with an on-site iPad or Android tablet and comes with features such as: 

  • A kiosk that immediately shows employees the tasks they need to complete upon clocking in. 
  • A multitasking screen that allows employees to clock in and out without closing the point-of-sale screen to reduce workflow interruption. 
  • Break management that ensures employees take breaks at the appropriate time and that they don’t start working again too early. 
  • A communication tool that gives employees a channel to communicate with their coworkers and managers. 
  • The ability to generate invoices based on hours worked that can go into your favorite accounting software. 

The app also lets you auto-allocate job codes or employees per invoice line and use dynamic reports to track budgets, transactions, and other variables.

While Deputy offers several beneficial features for business owners, the software does not allow for remote clock-ins and does not take photos of employees as they clock in, leaving room for buddy punching. 

3. TSheets

Price: $20 a month + $5/user a month

TSheets is Quickbooks’ time clock app offering and, according to the website, works well for employees in a central location such as warehouses, construction sites or retail stores. The TSheets Time Tracker lets employees use their own devices to keep track of their time easily and quickly. The app also provides: 

  • Reminders to clock in and out and take breaks.
  • Photo capture and facial recognition to ensure the right employee is clocking in. 
  • The ability for employees to easily review and submit timesheets directly from the app. Employees can also receive notifications when their timesheets are due based on your settings. 
  • Remote tracking that can be used in multiple locations on whatever device your employee is using. 

TSheets provides several great benefits for businesses, but with the base monthly fee as well as the charge per user, it can get pretty pricey for businesses with more than just a few employees. 

4. Toggl

Price: $20/user a month

Toggl is mainly used by freelancers as a time-tracking tool, but the company also has a team time clock app that lets you keep track of multiple employees’ hours. The software eliminates the need for time cards and lets you track hours on the go. 

Unique features the app offers include: 

  • Reports that give business insight
  • Customized entries for specific projects and clients 
  • Suggestions on tracking options based on your time entries and habits. 

Toggl is another service that can get expensive depending on how many users you have. 

5. Replicon

Price: $30 a month for up to 5 employees and $5/user to add employees

Replicon is another mobile time clock app that aims to integrate seamlessly with HR and payroll systems, and also offers “train the trainer” sessions to work towards a fast implementation. It also claims to be good for providing a centralized service for a “dispersed workforce,” according to their website. 

The software offers capabilities such as: 

  • A global pay rule library that helps you stay on top of multi-state and multi-jurisdiction labor compliance obligations. 
  • Control over employee availability and schedules; you have the ability to manage shifts in real-time. 
  • Time-off requests; employees can view the status of their requests in their own app. 

Based on the different features each time clock app provides, you should have a better idea of which one is the right fit for you. If you still need help deciding, we suggest Homebase– it’s free. It’s easy. And it’s seamless. Even better, dive in deeper with a free trial of our paid plans to discover the array of features waiting to make your business management that much easier.