The 6 best places to post a job

Are you looking for hourly employees? There are many recruitment websites out there, where do you start? Here are six of the best places to post your job online.

1. Craigslist

Founded in 1995, Craiglist is one of the oldest job boards on the internet. It started in the San Francisco Bay Area, before expanding to other cities in the early ’00s.
Today, you can post jobs in a wide range of sectors, such as retail, e-commerce, and financial services. With its simple interface, posting a job is a breeze. Employees can search for openings posted in the last 24 hours, as well as internships, non-profit opportunities, and telecommuting jobs. This is a great place to find candidates in your local area that you won’t find anywhere else.

2. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace lets users list and find items for sale. Used by 800 million people in 70 countries every single month, it boasts one of the biggest classified sections on the web. This is a brilliant place to post jobs in your local area, too.
You can post job openings, share them with your contacts, and communicate with candidates over the platform. Unlike some employment websites, you won’t have to upload your resume or answer loads of questions before you can search for jobs.

3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is an employment website with a difference. Like Craiglist and Facebook Marketplace, you can post job listings for different industries and contact employers. However, employees who have worked for companies in the area can also post reviews about their experience. Currently, there are more than 35 million employer reviews on the platform.

4. Indeed

Indeed is the world’s largest recruitment website, with more than 200 million unique visitors every month and 72 million company ratings and reviews. You can upload your job posting to the platform, find candidates based on their experience and achievements, and more. The search feature is easy to use, too. Employees simply type in a job title and their town or city, and they’ll receive a list of openings in mere seconds.

5. ZipRecruiter

Just like Indeed, ZipRecruiter will help you land the ultimate candidate with a click of a mouse or swipe of a finger. Employees can search for more than 8 million jobs and track their application through your personalized dashboard. Once you review their resume, ZipRecruiter will let them know. They’ll also alert the candidate if you accept their salary request.

6. In-person

According to a recent study, just 54 percent of American adults use the internet to find work. The rest of the population uses more conventional methods to secure employment. Posting your job opening in a public place and hang a “we’re hiring” sign on your door. You might be surprised to find the perfect candidate when they simply walk into your business.
If you’re a business owner or manager looking to hire, these are the sites you should be sure your open jobs are listed on. Homebase Hiring integrates with all the recruitment websites on this list, making it easy for our clients to source the industry’s top talent. Learn more about our free recruiting software here.

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