You’ve got a great staff and a killer product, but the first step to making it all work harmoniously is getting your staff scheduled properly. There seem to be countless rising business costs, but in the modern day, luckily employee scheduling tools are not only easy to use, but they are effective as well.

In the past, I’ve seen businesses jot down their schedules with pencil and paper. That can work with a tiny team, but the bigger your team grows, the more unruly that group text with time off requests gets. Some other businesses can also get along with seemingly telepathic scheduling, as they are fortunate enough to have employees with regular schedules who they can always count on. But when summer vacations and winter holidays roll around, keeping track of who needs to take what days off and how you will cover their shifts can become messy at best.


Don’t make assumptions about employee scheduling methods


All of your employees might not be interested in checking their email often to get their schedule. Or they might not even have an email account, for that matter. Just because your love using the Google Suite to get out information, your employees might find that cumbersome. Having less barriers to entry when it comes to employee scheduling will help you ensure the right employee gets to their post at the correct date and time.

Your employees want a highly customizable solution (especially if they are millennials) because no one is exactly the same. What works for one employee might not work for the next. So the solution is to talk to your team and get a good idea of what works for them and how you can achieve your business goals together.


Figure out which channel is best for scheduling communication


If there’s a specific tech stack that works best for your scheduling, you must hire employees who are capable of operating within or are at least willing to learn your specific way of doing things. This might include managing inventory or taking orders on an iPad, but it also extends to your free employee scheduling tool. Any policy that you implement in your business must also help employees do their jobs better. Otherwise, any kind of inefficient or archaic policies will drive even your most loyal employees to seek greener pastures.

There are endless ways to communicate with your employees, but here at Homebase we make it easily to notify employees of schedule changes and upcoming shifts via text, email, or app notifications. That way they can pick the method that works for them, instead of having to fit into one box.


Set up alerts


On the subject of notifications, if you’re going to overhaul your scheduling process, make it run more smoothly with alerts. Scheduling changes happen and even the usual shifts can slip employees’ minds from time to time. When your team has the latest edition of the schedule available to them at all times, as well as notifications when shift swaps are finalized, they can easily put this administrative side of their jobs to the side and focus on their core duties.


Get Homebase


Whether you’ve previously written and shared your schedules in Google Sheets or simply written them on paper, there’s a new and improved way to make modern employee scheduling a reality. With Homebase, you can build a schedule in minutes by dragging and dropping shifts. This way you can visualize your schedule and see hours add up as you go. Our free employee scheduling tool helps you make changes on the go, because we all know that every once in awhile things come up and needs or staffing levels change all of a sudden. With our app, you’ll be able to make changes as soon as you can get to your phone to alert any affected employees and update the schedule overall.

One feature that saves businesses hours each month is putting their schedule on auto-pilot with the ability to copy a previous schedule to the next week. If you have a fairly consistent schedule, why should you have to take the time to recreate it every week? In addition, if you want to let our employee scheduling software take the wheel, you can automate the entire process so that your team’s availability and specified roles are taken into account to make a schedule that meets your employee and business needs at the same time.

Ready to increase efficiency with Homebase’s employee scheduling tool? Sign up for free here to automate scheduling and time tracking with Homebase.

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