Free Work Schedule Template

An easy-to-use employee work schedule template for programs such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Apple Numbers

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Free Weekly or Monthly Work Schedule Template Alternative

Save five hours every week by using a weekly schedule maker

  • Easily build weekly work schedule templates, or simply copy over a previous week’s schedule
  • Use auto-scheduling for an automatically generated schedule– that you can easily edit– which includes an availability schedule template, seniority, labor costs, and more.
  • When you’re ready to share your work rotation schedule, your employees will get a notification in the Homebase mobile app or via SMS, along with extra reminders on the day of their shift.
  • Build your weekly schedule in an easy, color-coded interface, with the ability to add shift notes. 
  • Schedule your employees weeks or months in advance, and schedule by department or for your whole business in one place.
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See everything you need to build your work shift schedule in one place

  • Get sales data, weather forecasts, and cost of labor all in one place.
  • See employee time-off requests and availability details at a glance.
  • Track labor costs and employee overtime as you build your schedule, even across multiple locations.
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Save money and stay organized with better scheduling

  • Set a target labor cost as a percentage of sales, and track your scheduling against that goal.
  • Reduce the risk of accidental overtime.
  • Avoid scheduling too many employees during slow periods or inclement weather.
  • With support for multiple wage rates, you can make sure you have the right mix of employees in the right roles to match your target labor cost.
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Get greater insights into your business

  • With the free Homebase time clock, you can track on-time percentages, time card errors, and much more — all compared against your team’s schedule.
  • See labor costs as a percentage of sales over time.
  • View scheduled vs. actual hours worked, for your whole business or by department.
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Stay compliant with local scheduling laws

  • As predictive or advanced scheduling laws take effect across the United States — and are already law in some form in parts of California, Washington, Oregon and New York — you can stay compliant effortlessly by publishing your weekly schedules in advance with just a few clicks.
  • Comply with new minimum wage laws easily, and see how the changes impact your bottom line and labor costs as you’re building your schedule.
  • With other scheduling laws going into effect — like the Massachusetts Blue laws and the New York Spread of Hours law — dedicated scheduling software makes compliance a breeze.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Free Schedule Templates 

Why do you need a work schedule template to plan your week?

A work schedule template — or employee scheduling software — makes it easy for small business owners to calculate scheduled hours by employees.

Instead of managing a rotating shift schedule template, weekly planner template, or weekly calendar on Microsoft Word or another weekly schedule template PDF, you can use an online calendar template such as Homebase’s Free Work Schedule Template to keep track of everyone’s working days with ease. 

It’s important to have a solid work calendar in place because you’ll know instantly what shifts need to be filled for project schedules, whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly. Your designed template should reflect the specific needs of your business and your employees. 

A custom-made template for your employee shifts will also save you time because you won’t have to put extra preparation into scheduling every week. You won’t have to spend precious hours rebuilding a calendar every time you try to schedule your employees. The hard work will already be done, and you’ll be able to spend your time placing each employee exactly where you need them to be each week, and they’ll appreciate receiving their schedules faster. 

Whether you’re using a rotating schedule free template or a simple weekly shift list, you’ll also be able to quickly make sure you have every role filled for both day shifts and night shifts and can edit the schedule much easier than if you were using a PDF format. 

A work schedule template makes it easier to manage work schedules for every day of the week or month calendars in an easy-to-read format that can be dispersed among your employees right there in the same platform that you use for timesheets, communication, and more. 

The Homebase Free Work Schedule Template also includes a helpful built-in calculator, which makes it easy to avoid overtime among your employees and helps you control rising labor costs that come with employees working too many hours.

A well-designed work schedule template will also allow you to stay compliant with city and state advanced scheduling and predictive scheduling laws that may already be in effect in your area, or may go into effect in the near future. This will also give your employees a better quality of life because they can plan ahead for their work shifts. 

How do you use this work schedule template?

Using the Homebase employee schedule template is easy. Simply download the schedule template above. It will be delivered to you instantly in the form of an Excel template file (.xlsx) Once you have the file downloaded, you’ll be able to import it into your favorite spreadsheet program — including Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Sheets, or most others. 

Most spreadsheet program options should successfully import the .xlsx file you receive. If you’re looking for a free option in terms of spreadsheet programs, try using Google Sheets. 

When you’ve got the spreadsheet downloaded and imported into your favorite spreadsheet program, you’ll be able to customize the spreadsheet with each of your employees’ names, along with other important information you need to get their schedules built. You can also give it a personalized touch by adding in your business’s logo too.

Once you’re done building your schedule, save it and print it out. Post it in a place around your business where all of your employees will see it. You can even email it to them if you have their email address. If you don’t have your employees’ email addresses but instead use Homebase’s Free Messaging App to communicate with your team, you can let them know the weekly schedules are posted and your employees will get the message quickly. 

What are the key elements of an employee schedule builder?

A good employee schedule builder, such as Homebase Scheduling, should include an option to schedule by employee and by role. It should also include a weekly schedule view as well as a monthly schedule view. 

Homebase Scheduling lets you view a sum of hours by employee shift, as well as the sum of hours worked in a day. You can also view the sum of your daily cost of labor as well as a sum of your weekly cost of labor.

A good schedule builder should come equipped with an easy-to-use, color-coded, interface that allows you to add shift notes, and schedule an employee for multiple shifts at the same time based on their availability. Luckily Homebase Scheduling comes equipped with all of these capabilities and more. 

Another helpful view you will get with Homebase Scheduling is the number of actual hours worked versus the number of hours you scheduled for your team in the first place. This way you’ll be able to make easy edits on your schedule for similar work days if you determine you had too many employees on the same shift, or not enough. 

Homebase Scheduling also gives you great insight into sales data, labor costs, employee availability, and even the weather forecast, right from the same platform. This capability will allow you to make smarter decisions when it comes to how many people you schedule, who you schedule, and what your sales forecasts should be based on what the weather looks like. 

Homebase’s schedule builder comes equipped with an extremely helpful overtime calculator that sends warnings and alerts of when an employee is not only hitting overtime in real-time, but if they will hit overtime based on the shifts they are scheduled for the week. Keeping a keen eye on employee overtime will not only help you reduce your cost of labor, but help you stay compliant as well. 

Speaking of compliance, many states and cities are implementing laws with predictive scheduling requirements, so a good schedule builder should give you the option to repost the same schedule week after week and provide your employees with a much clearer view in advance of what their schedule will look like in the coming weeks.