3 tips for fully optimizing your weekly timesheets

  • Your weekly timesheet template should track total employee hours worked, making payroll a no-brainer
  • Using an automated, weekly employee timesheet template like Homebase for each pay period is a great way to have hours calculated automatically
  • Homebase’s simple weekly timesheet also keeps you compliant with federal and state legislation 
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1. Excel or Google Docs aren’t the best choice for weekly timesheet templates

While there are many options online for printable weekly timesheets and biweekly timesheets, when it comes to weekly timesheet templates, Word, Excel, or Google Docs won’t give you as many features as you really need. 

For example, Google Sheets may provide a chart-based spreadsheet for tracking employee billable hours and lunch breaks, but you’ll have to use a weekly (or biweekly) timesheet calculator to get the hard work done on a weekly basis, biweekly basis, or monthly basis. Same goes for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel timesheets. 

To really get an accurate look at employee time, use Homebase’s weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly timesheets. Our timesheet mobile apps track your labor costs, sales, and scheduled hours vs. actual hours worked. You can even see if employees spend enough time on their breaks. This way you can manage your business in a really effective way. 

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2. Find a timesheet that makes payroll easy

Whether you need a month timesheet template, a biweekly timesheet template, or a weekly timesheet template, it’s best to make sure you won’t be spending hours and hours a week calculating payroll. 

Homebase makes payroll a no-brainer and saves business owners and managers hours every week. Since the app calculates overtime and total hours worked automatically, you won’t have to worry about using any manual calculators yourself. 

After you’ve easily corrected those errors Homebase found for you, you can even integrate with top payroll providers to sync each employee’s hours into payroll. 

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3. Make sure your weekly timesheets are compliant

Another feature that online, yet mostly manual timesheets don’t offer: compliance help. Homebase ensures your employees are taking breaks, alerts you when one of your employees is about to hit overtime, and automatically finds errors. We even make it easy to follow rules like the New York Spread of Hours law. 

Errors can include missed breaks, missed clock outs, and more. The best part is these errors are really easy to fix in the app, no matter where you are. The app even stores your weekly timesheets in the cloud, which is of course required by state and federal law. Even if you edit them, we’ll track your edit history in case you need to look back. 




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