Save time with the Homebase free timesheet template

  • Homebase’s simple timesheet template tool helps you save time each pay period on your payroll process 
  • Easily view total hours worked for each team member and labor costs, no matter where you are 
  • Stay compliant on a monthly basis by automatically keeping track of overtime hours and lunch breaks
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What is the best timesheet template?

Homebase’s timesheet software is the best when it comes to time tracking, but don’t take it from us—let the features do the talking. With Homebase, you can track paid and unpaid breaks to stay compliant, and you can even view your labor costs in real time, no matter where you are. You can even stay compliant easier with rules like the New York Spread of Hours law.

While you can use an Excel timesheet template or Google Sheets to track employee hours, you won’t receive the same type of features and capabilities. 

Homebase time sheets also automatically identify any errors, and keep a list of missed clock out times, missed shifts, and missed breaks right there on your time cards and in your dashboard for each pay period. Overtime is even calculated automatically so you know which employees are only working regular hours and which ones are about to cross over the threshold. 

You can view your timecard templates and work on your, bi weekly, monthly, or weekly timesheet template from your desktop or mobile phone. Homebase will help you save hours calculated pay rates and hourly rates, and integrates with the top payroll providers. 

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Why should a business use daily timesheet templates?

Daily or monthly timesheet templates that come equipped with all of the features that Homebase offers make work much easier for business owners and managers. Not only are errors identified and corrected automatically, but you can better manage your business by tracking labor costs in real time. 

You can also view your scheduled hours versus the actual hours worked to make better scheduling decisions in the future. 

Homebase timesheet templates also work to help keep you compliant. We store your timesheets for four years, which is longer than what is required by the FLSA. This way you won’t have to worry about having the proper documentation if an issue should arise. We even keep track of editing history so you’ll be fully transparent about changes made. 

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What is a timesheet and how does it work?

Small business owners and their managers can spend hours manually keeping track of their employees’ hours worked and pay rates. Using an old-fashioned punch card or pen and paper timesheet to track time, bring your business into the 21st century with an employee hours time tracking system that automates your workflow and does the hard stuff for you.  

However, if you are still using pen and paper and currently need some help calculating hours for payroll, you can use our free time card calculator

There are plenty of available online time sheets free of charge to small businesses, but we believe Homebase offers the best timesheet app. A free weekly timesheet template will greatly reduce your time when calculating employee hours and wages, saving you the headache that often comes with payroll prep each pay period.  


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