How to make your monthly timesheet do the work for you

  • Pen and paper timesheets may seem to work, but you’d be surprised how much time you can save with an online monthly timesheet template
  • Using a weekly and monthly timesheet that calculates working hours, labor costs, and overtime hours makes payroll a piece of cake 
  • Homebase’s free timesheet app does the work for you and takes the headache out of employee management 
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Find a timesheet that calculates hours, lunch breaks and more

When it comes to a monthly timesheet template, Excel or Microsoft Word may seem like easy solutions. However, other options like Homebase offer features for a monthly timesheet Excel just doesn’t have. It’s important to weigh your options and figure out what types of features would make your job easier as a business owner or manager. 

For example, Excel timesheet templates don’t calculate total hours worked, both regular and overtime. The Homebase mobile app tracks hours worked, and many more aspects of employee management all in one place. The free app collects tips and warns you when an employee is getting close to working over 40 hours. It also identifies missed breaks and clock outs so your hours and pay rates are accurate before you start payroll, and can help if you are subject to rules like the New York Spread of Hours law. 

Speaking of payroll, since Homebase identifies errors and alerts you before you need to pay overtime rates to employees. Plus, you won’t have to spend hours entering the time sheets of each employee—especially because Homebase integrates with the most popular payroll providers. 

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How are online timesheets better than manual time cards?

If you’re currently using a pen and paper time card solution, you’re missing out on several benefits of having an online timesheet system. For starters, manual time cards won’t calculate your bi weekly payroll numbers for you like we mentioned earlier. 

You waste time crunching all of the numbers yourself when you could be spending that time focusing on encouraging your team and building your business. However, if you’re currently in need of some help crunching those numbers, you can use Homebase’s free time card calculator

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What else can online monthly timesheets do?

With a monthly timesheet app like Homebase, all the aspects of employee management are in one place and connected to one another. This means your team scheduling, time clock, and even employee communication is in one place. 

Your handy dashboard shows you labor costs, who’s late the most, and even the weather so you can plan accordingly. If you offer sick leave, or a certain number of days off, you can also set up a PTO policy and manage that in Homebase. 


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