The paycheck is dead.

A better pay experience is overdue.

Today’s world demands everything in real-time, so why is the paycheck stuck in the past? The technology behind payroll costs employers time and money, and the conventional payday doesn’t meet the needs of hourly workers.

Payroll and other time-consuming day-to-day tasks will be zero-click.

Powered by AI, automation will replace hours of daily manual work spent on error-prone tasks like scheduling, time tracking, and payroll — all with a zero-click experience.

How a broken payroll system is affecting employers today.

76% of employers have made a payroll calculation error in the past.

On average, employers spend 63 hours each year running payroll.

31% of employers believe running payroll takes time away from growing their business.

Payday will be any day, and everyone will have access to their earnings instantly and on demand.

On-demand access to wages and tips will replace the traditional two-week pay cycle and give hourly workers better control over their money and unexpected expenses.

How the traditional biweekly payday is failing hourly workers today.

75% of hourly workers are paid biweekly, but 55% want to get paid weekly if given the option.

45% of hourly workers say on-demand pay would help them better manage their finances.

Nearly 1 in 5 hourly workers say access to 
on-demand pay is a top factor when considering a new job opportunity.

Uncertainty for small business owners will be eliminated so they can make faster, better decisions.

Small businesses will always have to adapt to economic uncertainty. But, they will feel more in control of traditionally unpredictable factors, like scheduling and labor costs.

How uncertainty is affecting small businesses today.

1 in 4 employers worry they missed something when running payroll.

66% of employers found timesheet errors that had to be corrected.

26% of employers that made payroll errors found it led to overpayment.

The data included on this page is based on the September 2023 Homebase study of more than 850 hourly workers and 500 small business employers in the United States.

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