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Use our free online schedule maker to create your team’s schedule. Add employees and schedule work shifts, and email the visual schedule to yourself to review later. Finding this free online scheduling tool useful? The Homebase free employee scheduling software comes packed with many other customized schedule features and schedule templates you can use to automate and optimize your schedule-making process.

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                Frequently Asked Questions about Homebase’s Schedule Maker

                What is a schedule builder?

                A schedule maker (or schedule builder), like the one Homebase built for you to use free of charge, helps business owners and managers create an optimal schedule for employees.

                How do I use a schedule maker?

                With the Homebase schedule builder tool, you can build your employee work schedule in minutes. To create a schedule for your team, you have several scheduling options through Homebase, but our free schedule maker consists of a few simple steps:

                First, click on the “add” button next to the day of the week you want to edit. Then, you’ll see a “New Shift” box appear on the screen and you’ll either select a name from the drop box or add a user to the schedule builder. 

                You’ll then want to fill out a timetable grid for the different shifts on the online schedule builder. Select the time frame that a certain employee will work on the given day, and assign the employee a job or task. The builder tool also allows you to color code the shift, which is one of several schedule options that help create an optimal schedule.

                After you’ve used the visual schedule builder tool to create your perfect weekly schedule, you have several options you can select from to distribute your timetable schedule. You can download, print or have your schedule emailed to you. If you select the email option, you’ll receive a message from the Homebase team notifying you that you received your schedule. You will also be added to the weekly Homebase newsletter.

                How much does it cost to use the schedule builder?

                The use of Homebase’s online schedule maker is free of charge. With our free tool, you can generate daily schedules with ease and in minutes, and since our schedule builder is a web-based tool, you can create a schedule that can be saved, allowing you to schedule employee shifts weeks and months in advance.

                How do you access schedule builder?

                The schedule maker will always be available on this site, and you can download or print it off for future use anywhere you are. You can also download the Homebase Scheduling App to create schedules quickly and easily with drag and drop scheduling. 

                Where can you get help with the schedule builder?

                For help with our free schedule maker tool, or any other Homebase tool, you can contact our Customer Success team at (415) 951-3830 Monday through Friday from 7 am to 7 pm Pacific, or visit our Homebase Support page.

                What is a scheduling system?

                A scheduling system is any method used to schedule employee shifts for your business. However, the most efficient system used today instead of the old-fashioned methods are software programs or apps dedicated to scheduling, such as Homebase.

                Note: Students often search for tools to use after registering for classes such as a schedule builder for creating a class schedule for courses and class options, but you’ll need a specific class schedule builder instead of the Homebase Schedule Builder tool.

                What is a job scheduling tool?

                A good job scheduling tool such as Homebase will provide everything you need to manage your employee schedules, such as managing your employees, shift swapping, and even exporting to payroll with the top companies. 

                Our free plan includes features such as a manager’s log and enhanced reporting to make sure your work life is as easy as possible. It also works in tandem with the Homebase timesheets and time clock features.